Common questions and Installation Guide for HP 65/65XL Cartridge

Does your printer use HP 65 / 65xl Ink Cartridge? If so, please take a closer look.

In this guide, we will show you the basic information and FAQs of the HP 65/65XL cartridge, you can also know how to save money on HP 65 cartridge. Through this article, you will have a deeper understanding of the ink cartridge you are using. Let’s jump in!

  • Basic information of HP 65/65XL
  • FAQs of HP 65/65XL Ink Cartridge
  • How to Save on HP 65 Cartridges?
  • How to install v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL ink cartridge?
  • How to replace the replacement ink cartridge?
  • How to remove the empty cartridge message?

Basic information of HP 65/65XL

HP 65 Standard Color Ink Cartridge(N9K01AN )

Color: Tri-color Cyan, Magenta and Yellow

Page Yield: 100 pages

HP 65 Standard Black Ink Cartridge(N9K02AN )

Color: Black

Page Yield: 120 pages

HP 65 High Yield Black Ink Cartridge(N9K03AN )

Color: Tri-color Cyan, Magenta and Yellow

Page Yield: 300 pages

HP 65 High Yield Black Ink Cartridge(N9K04AN )

Color: Black

Page Yield: 300 pages

FAQs of HP 65/65XL Ink Cartridge

01. HP 65 vs HP 65XL, which one is more affordable?

The compatible printers and size of the HP ink 65 and 65XL are the same. The difference between them are the page yield, the ink they carried and their price.

Quick Summary:

1. Although the price is higher, you will get higher page yield from the XL version of the HP 65 cartridge.

2. HP 65XL black ink prints 180 percent more pages than HP 65 black one.

3. HP 65XL Tri-Color ink Prints 200 percent of the pages compared to HP 65 Tri-Color.

4. Since the ink they carried are different, XL will be is heavier than the standard ink cartridge.

02. Can I use HP 62 instead 65?

They are not interchangeable because printers that support HP 62 black and tri-color ink cartridge do not support HP 65 black and tri-color ink cartridge. Different printer models have a unique corresponding product model. Before you buy new ink, you must know the matching ink model of your printer.

How to know what’s the correct ink for your printer?

1. Check the package box your printer came in.

2. Check the Ink cartridge Carrier for the ink model.

3. Check the Printer manual.

4. Visit the manufacturer’s website for the correct ink model.

5. Search “your printer model” + “ink cartridge” through browser to get the correct ink cartridge

6. Search your printer model on

03. Which printers are compatible with HP 65 ink?

HP Deskjet Printers:


HP Envy Printers:


How to Save on HP 65 Cartridges?

As we all know, inkjet printer cartridge is relatively expensive, so how can we save more money on ink cartridge? 

Using Remanufactured Ink Cartridge and v4ink InkSacs Combo Pack are much cheaper and printing effect are almost as well as expensive branded ink cartridges.

Remanufactured HP 65XL Ink Cartridge

Remanufactured HP 65xl ink cartridge is an empty original HP 65xl ink cartridge which recycled by third-party manufacturers. After the thorough cleaning, refilling and professional testing to make it be use again.

Because they use empty original ink cartridges, there is no need to worry about the problem of incompatibility with your printer, the installation method is the same as the original product. Since it is not a new product, therefore, their price are relatively cheaper.

V4ink InkSacs HP 65XL Combo Pack

V4ink inksacs HP 65XL Combo pack is an innovative product developed on the basis of remanufactured ink cartridge. It is more environmentally friendly than remanufactured ink cartridge. It contains one ready-to-go ink cartridge (1 OEM print head + 1 replacement ink cartridge) and two replacement ink cartridges. The print head can be reused up to three times. Therefore, the service life of a combo pack is generally three times that of a single ink cartridge, and their page yield is also three times that of the original product. But the price is far lower than the original product. You can save up to 60% by using v4ink InkSacs combo pack.

Cost per page is the best way to measure printer cost efficiency. You can calculate the cost per page of the ink cartridge by dividing the price of the toner cartridge by the expected number of pages printed:

65XL Tri-colorOEMRemanufacturedInkSacs
Page Yield300 pages300 pages990 pages
Cost per Page12.0 cents8.6 cents4.6 cents
65XL BlackOEMRemanufacturedInkSacs
Page Yield300 pages300 pages1440 pages
Cost per Page10.3 cents8.6 cents3.1 cents

Remanufactured Black HP 65XL Ink Cartridge has a lower cost per page of 8.6 cents, while OEM HP 65XL Ink Cartridge has a higher CCP of 10.3 cents.

And you will see the v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL Combo Pack is 60% cheaper than the original. You can get big discounts on v4ink InkSacs combo pack as well. 

How to install v4ink InkSacs HP 65XL ink cartridge?

How to replace the replacement ink cartridge?

Remove the empty Ink Cartridge from the printer

Press the “PUSH” to take the empty replacement ink from the reusable print head

Remove the black protective cover from the new replacement ink

Install the new replacement ink into the reusable print head

Install the v4ink Inksacs into the slot

How to remove the empty cartridge message?

First: Check if the chip of the replacement ink was installed in the correct direction

Second: Use the eraser to clean the chip slightly

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