Where to get a HP 414A chip?

As HP 414A toner cartridge needs to work with a smart IC chip, but most of the compatible cartridges currently available on the aftermarket are without chips, which means you will need to prepare chips yourself for the new cartridges if you decide to buy the economic alternatives.

However, do you know where to get the chips? How to install them? Anything special we need to know before starting? Here let’s show you the details.

If you have ever done a reach for this product, you may find the individual chips are scarcely available on the market. But we can get the chips from 414a empty toner cartridges and these three types of toner cartridges come along with chips.  

HP 414A OEM toner cartridge

When you purchase a new printer, you can get a set of sample cartridges. If one of the toner cartridges runs out, remember to remove the chip and properly keep it before discarding the cartridge, as you may get a chance to use it when you purchase a 414A compatible toner cartridge without a chip.

HP 414A OEM toner cartridge comes along with an OEM chip. If you plan to use an OEM chip in a 414a compatible toner cartridge, it can usually be reused 3-4 times. When you find the print quality declines, it may be time to transfer a new chip. The following is the instruction of how to transfer a chip to a new toner cartridge.

HP 414A remanufactured toner cartridge

These cartridges are recycled from OEM cartridges which also contain OEM chips. If you do not want to buy the expensive original cartridge, v4ink HP 414A toner cartridges will be a not bad choice. They can save you a lot and the chips are also reusable. But kindly note that recycling times of the chips may reduce to 2-3 times as they have been used before. The installation of transferring the chip is the same. Please refer to the above video for details.


V4ink HP 414X new compatible toner cartridge with chip

V4ink has released a new compatible cartridge recently: v4ink HP 414X new compatible toner cartridges. Unlike the above two cartridges, these released ones contain new chips which were independently developed by the 3rd party. It means you can receive a full life span from the high capacity cartridge at an affordable price but also get a set of reusable chips.

How to recycle the newly released chip?

The physical size and working principle of the newly released chip are different from those of OEMs. It’s bigger and contains a tinny battery on the circuit board. If you plan to transfer the chip to a new cartridge, make sure not to touch the tinny battery during operation. Or you’d better prepare some anti-static rubbers and put them on your thumbs and index finger before you start.

Here you could follow the instruction below to transfer the chip into the new cartridge:

  1. Take out the new cartridge and find the chip slot.
  2. Put on the rubbers on your fingers and remove the chip from the old cartridge.
  3. Insert the one end of the chip (Refer to A) into the slot.
  4. Push another end of the chip into place, and press it down to let the chip sit properly.

Warm Tips:

a. Do not touch the tinny battery.

b. Make sure the chip was located at the end of the slot and there is no gap.

Can we use a HP 414A chip in a 414X toner cartridge?

Yes, these two types of toner cartridges can share a chip but it would not display the actual ink level. Your printer may pop up messages to remind you “Cartridge is low” since it still keeps the memory of the last empty cartridge. But there is no need to worry about it, it would not affect the normal operation of the machine. When you find this message, just press “OK” and continue to print.

Is a chip from a 414a black cartridge reusable for a 414a magenta cartridge?

No, different color toner cartridges could not share a chip. If you plan to transfer a chip for a 414a black cartridge, make sure the chip is from a black cartridge either 414A or 414X is ok. Otherwise, your printer may not work.

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/Where-to-get-a-HP-414A-chip

How to deal with an error message when HP 414A cartridge is just installed?

Have you faced the situation when you just installed a new HP 414A or HP 414X cartridge, your printer still reminds “Cartridge Low”? You can clearly feel that there is enough toner inside when you shake the cartridge. But your printer just would not allow it to work.

Due to the special specifications of this product and the wide variety of products on the market, a problem may have resulted from several causes. If you don’t know much about the product, you may mistakenly think that you bought the wrong product or discarded the correct product. So, in this article, we will explain how to handle it when having a problem.

Problem 1: “Cartridge is low” or “Cartridge is very low”

If a new HP 414A is just installed, your printer still pops out the message.

Recommended action:

Step 1: Check the cartridge is coming along with chip or not.

Since these cartridges need to work with security chips, many aftermarket cartridges do not have a chip. If this is the case, you will need to remove the chips from the empty cartridges and insert them into the new cartridges.

The following is the video to show you the installation instructions. If you purchase v4ink 414A toner cartridges, there is an extra tools kit in the package to help you operate easily.

Step 2: Make sure you have installed the chip correctly.

After the chip is installed, double-check that it is placed in the correct position.

In the wrong orientation or position, the ink cartridge may not be detected.

Step 3: Do not mix-use chips with toner cartridges of different colors.

Since there are 4 packs of toner cartridges in black, cyan, magenta, yellow and chips from different color cartridges record different information, do not install a chip of a black cartridge into a magenta cartridge.

Step 4: Bypass the message and continue to print.

If you confirm that the chips have been installed correctly or the one you purchased are HP 414A remanufactured toner cartridges which come along with OEM chips, you could just go ahead to print by ignoring the pop-up.

If your printer is connected to your computer, here’s a way to show you how to close the pop-up.

Problem 2: “Non-HP Cartridge”

This message will pop up when the printer detects a non-HP electronic chip. This happens when a compatible cartridge is installed, which has a chip developed by a 3rd party. Just like v4ink new compatible 414X cartridge with chip. These cartridges contain new R&D chips that consumers could use right out of the box. What’s more, it enables the machine to display the actual ink levels.

Recommended action:

So when you find this message, please don’t worry. It’s a way for OEM manufacturers to protect their own supply chain. You could press “OK” and continue to print.

Problem 3:”Supplies Memory Error” or “Event Code: 10.00.00”

This message appears when the printer cannot communicate with the indicated supplies.

It also shows up as “Event Code: 10.00.00” on some specific machines.

10.00.00 Black toner cartridge

10.01.00 Cyan toner cartridge

10.02.00 Magenta toner cartridge

10.03.00 Yellow toner cartridge

Recommended action:

Step 1: Take out the indicated toner cartridge and reinstall it.

Step 2: If the message persists, take out the cartridge and turn the printer off, and then on.

How to avoid the error message before beginning?

Because sometimes OEM manufacturers would update systems or firmware to block 3rd party supplies, here are some ways to avoid the messages if you decide to use compatible cartridges.

Step 1: Click: “Setup” -> “System Setup” -> “Supply Settings” -> “Cartridge Policy” -> “Off”;

Step 2: Click: “Setup” -> “Service” -> “LaserJet Update” -> “Manage Updates” -> “Check Automatically” -> “Off” -> “Allow Updates” -> “No”

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/How-to-deal-with-an-error-message-when-HP-414A-cartridge-is-just-installed

New Release- HP 414X New Compatible Toner Cartridge With Chip

Due to the restriction of OEM manufacturers, most of the new compatible toner cartridges for 414A or 414X currently on the market come along without chips. If you ever bought these DIY products, you may find it’s not a straightforward product. Additional preparation is required before use. This may not be suitable for a busy and high-volume office as there are 4 packs of toner cartridges and you will need to replace the chips one by one.

However, if you’re still struggling with how to replace the chip, or are hesitant to buy expensive OEM toner cartridges, now there’s no need for that. v4ink has released a new version recently – HP 414X new compatible toner cartridge with chip. These cartridges can help you save time, but at a lower cost.

Why choose v4ink 414x new compatible toner cartridge with chip?

  1. These newly released items are equipped with newly developed chips. Users do not need to spend extra time and effort to understand and replace the chip. They can be used right out of the box without additional chip replacement.
  2. They’re only at 30% of the cost of OEM cartridges. With the same print performance and page yield, it will save you up to 70% by choosing v4ink 414x new compatible toner cartridge.
  3. v4ink has reliable technical support and an after-sales guarantee, providing the extended warranty. Any issue during the warranty coverage, you can contact our team to get a replacement or refund.

How to install the 414x chips including cartridges?

  1. When your printer pops out a message to remind one of the toner cartridges is low, open the printer cover and take out the empty cartridge.
  2. Take out the corresponding color cartridge from your new cartridge pack, then remove its protective cover.
  3. Make sure your printer is powered on and install the new cartridge into the corresponding slot.
  4. Wait for 1-2 minutes until the printer prompts a message “The indicated cartridges are not HP cartridges.” Please don’t worry, it’s a way of HP to protect its own supply chain. You could press ”OK” and continue to print as normal.

Something needs to know before beginning.

Don’t touch the chip: Please don’t touch the chip of the new v4ink cartridge during operation. Or it may result in the printer could not recognize the cartridge.

Error Message: If the printer pops out “Event Code: 10.00.00” after installing the new cartridge, try to open and close the front cover. The message will disappear automatically.

Disable Auto-Update Features: Sometimes OEM manufacturers may update the system of the printer to block the 3rd party cartridge. In order not to affect your normal use, you can refer to the following steps to disable the “Auto Update” function.

How to disable Cartridge Policy Feature?

  1. Navigate to Setup menus
  2. Open the following menus:
  1. System Setup
  2. Supply Settings
  3. Cartridge Policy
  4. Touch “Off” to disable the feature.

How to disable LaserJet Auto-Update Feature?

  1. Navigate to Setup menus
  2. Open the following menus:
  1. Service
  2. LaserJet Update
  3. Manage Update
  4. Check Automatically
  1. Touch “Off” to disable the feature.
  2. Go back to “Manage Update” menu
  1. Click  “Allow Updates”
  2. choose “No”

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/New-Release-HP-414X-New-Compatible-Toner-Cartridge-With-Chip

Something You Don’t Know About Your HP m479fdw Printer

If you work in a medium-to-small sized organization in which you need to deal with a massive volume of paperwork on a daily basis, an effective and efficient printer will be a good partner to save you in a redundant printing process and make you and your fellows focus the time and energy on the work tasks. If it happens to you, HP Color LaserJet pro m479fdw will be a solid option for you.  

HP m479fdw

As an all-in-one printer, this multifunctional LaserJet combines 4 basic functions in a machine: print, scan, copy, fax, and is also enhanced with auto-2-sided printing, wireless direct, auto document feeder to help the users streamline the documents processes and get the files more quickly. Meanwhile, a walk-up USB port offers a high-speed way to transfer the large file in any case you needed.

In addition, there is an extra feature embedded in this HP printer which was often overlooked or underestimated by many of us, Dual-band WIFI with a self-healing network. This technology enables the device to reboot itself when it goes offline and to inspect any outbound connections in case any suspicious cyber-attacks occur. It will safeguard your network security and help you to protect confidential or sensitive information against malicious activity.

Product Specifications

HP ModelHP Color LaserJet pro m479fdw
Product NumberW1A80A
FunctionsPrint, Scan, Copy, Fax, Email
Output TypeFull Color and Black
Print Speed28 ppm for Black and Colors
2-Sided PrintingAutomatic
Auto Document Feeder50-Sheet, 2-Sided
Input/output capacity50-Sheet Multipurpose Input Tray, 250-Sheet Input Tray, 150-Sheet Output Tray, 550-Sheet Optional Input Tray
Printer ConnectivityWIFI, Bluetooth, USB, Network
Printer Display4.3’’ Color Touchscreen
Dimensions16.4 x 18.6 x 15.7 inches
Item Weight51.60lbs
Print VolumeRecommended 750 – 4000 pages Monthly
Security featuresYes
Operating SystemLinux, Mac, Windows, IOS, Android

What’s toner cartridge used in HP m479fdw Printer?

This printer contains 4 individual toner cartridges, black, cyan, magenta, yellow and all of them are available at either standard yield or high capacity version.

Both versions share the same physical size but are with different yield capacities. The standard version, HP 414A, can produce 2,400 pages per black and 1,200 pages per color, while HP 414X high yield cartridges yield 7,500 pages per black and 6,000 pages per color. If you print a lot and frequently, the high-yield cartridges will be a better deal.

Now we can offer 3 choices for you. The 1st one is v4ink 414X new compatible DIY toner cartridges. The toner cartridges are brand new but without chips. It requires users to transfer OEM chips into v4ink cartridges. If you still keep the chips, you could choose this cartridge because it will help you save nearly 90% compared to HP original cartridges.

Or if you happen to throw away your empty OEM cartridges or the chips are damaged, v4ink HP 414X remanufactured toner cartridges will be a not bad choice for you. These cartridges were refilled with v4ink high-quality toner powder and include OEM chips. There is no need to reinstall the chip and users could put them into the printer directly out of the box.

However, if the above two cartridges are not ideal for you, you can turn to the final choice, v4ink new compatible HP 414X cartridges. They are brand new and come along with v4ink smart electrical chips. You don’t need to spend time transferring the chips. Because of the affordable price and effective features, these cartridges are a great way to cut down the cost and save your time. Now, a full set of 4-pack combo only costs $279.99, which means you could save more than 70% by choosing these cartridges.

Warm Tips: HP may pop up a message to remind you to update the firmware regularly or upgrade automatically without notifying you. If it happens to you, it will be better to bypass the message or disable the “Automatic Update” feature because it may lead to an unrecognizing of v4ink smart chips.

How to disable the firmware “Automatic Update” feature?

  1. Swipe the home page and choose “Setup”.
  2. Click “Service” and select “LaserJet Update”
  3. Click “Manage Updates” and choose “Check Automatically”.
  4. Choose “Off” to disable the feature.
  5. Go back to the “Manage Updates” pages.
  6. Choose the last button “Allow Updates” and select “No”.

What should we do if the printer pops out “The indicated cartridges are non-HP cartridges”?

Please don’t worry.  It’s a way of HP to remind users that the cartridge is from the 3-party source and it would not affect your normal use. You could press “OK” to bypass it or follow the steps to disable the feature if you don’t want to be interrupted constantly.

  1. Find the “Setup” icon on the home page.
  2. Choose “Supply Setting” and “Cartridge Policy”.
  3. Touch “Off” to disable the feature.

How to deal with “Event Code: 10.00.00” displayed on the printer?

This message may prompt out when a new cartridge is installed or on its half-life. You could try to take out the cartridge and reinstall it.

Any way to deal with a “Cartridge is low” message displays on printer and computer?

This message is used to remind the toner cartridge level is low. But sometimes it may occur when a new cartridge is installed because the printer may still keep the memory of the last cartridge. You could press “OK” and continue to print when your printer pops up this message. Or click “Snooze” and choose “2-Months” to postpone the message when your computer reminds you.

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/Something-You-Do-Not-Know-About-Your-HP-m479fdw-Printer

What’s the difference between M404n and M404dn?


Each letter in the printer model name stands for its intrinsic features. Under no guidance but a concise functional introduction, “M”, “d”, “n”, “f” and “w” are quite perplexing for a rookie. Before you fold up this page and go for a random purchase, why not get started right now to take a 5-min induction course?

General Conception of the Letters

M- Monochrome

Printer only prints black and white paper. Not for color printing. It simply applies black toner cartridge.


Printer can print double-sided printout automatically without manual action to reopen the paper tray and flip over the paper.


Printer needs to be configured with wired network connection by linking to a cable to LAN port. It doesn’t support WI-FI. Some models urge a Ethernet connection with PC or Laptop to execute order.


Printer is not singularly a printing machine, but also works for facsimile.


Printer features WI-FI connectivity. Just contrary to the “N”, the printer does not support wired network.

NW-Wired and Wireless network

The printer can utilize Wired or Wireless network. Each of them is able to serve as a back-up plan if one causes malfunction, and will be disabled if the other is being connected (Refer to the relevant user guidebook)

Done with the aforesaid overview, now we can switch to the main characters we going to talk about: HP Laser Jet PRO M404n and M404dn.

Meaning of the printer's letters

Product Feature

We present a chart below to mark the “With” or “Without” about their configuration.

comparison of the function

What makes M404dn outperform lies in its automatic double-sided printing, whilst M404n still needs manual handling on that section.

Both two models offer 256MB data storage space. Users can import documents to the printer freely with an USB for intended use. Concerning Ethernet connection, it’s another form of wired connection to build up a local networking through linking the printer to the computer.

Monochrome Printing

These two print Black and white paper. Cannot cover color printout such as photographs.

Monochrome printer meets the substantial demand of someone whose business is in need of a large amount of documents or contracts. It’s always designed in a compact size. Space-saving feature makes it prevailing in the market, appealing to parents or college students. Best for home or dorm.

Compatible Consumables

HP Laser Jet PRO M404n and M404dn printer should be installed with CF258A or CF258X toner cartridge. A is a standard toner cartridge with regular 3,000 page yields, while X represents large-capacity toner cartridge with approximately 10,000 pages output.

There is also another question that makes customers feel at sea. Why the compatible toner looks so different from the original toner? Now is time to demystify. Each manufacturers reserve their own patent right to safeguard respective intellectual property including designs, therefore, compatible toners will be various in shape, so do v4ink CF258A and CF258X compatible no-chip toner. But please be reassured, my friends. V4ink CF258A standard toner cartridge and CF258X high-yield toner cartridge are well-designed, and match HP Laser Jet PRO M404n and M404dn printer perfectly.

CF258A and CF258X toner are applicable for: HP Pro M404n M404dn M404dw Printer; HP Pro MFP M428fdw M428fdn Printer; HP Enterprise M430f M406dn Printer

CF258A & CF258X Installation

Preamble: Apart from remanufactured toner cartridge, v4ink cf258a and cf258x compatible toners both necessitate chip-removal steps. That means customers have to remove the chip from the used original cf258a/x cartridge with our special custom-made reset tool. After it’s done, you can take out all of the protective covers/seals/papers (We have indication), put the toner into the printer’s compartment to complete the entire installation.

That will be absolutely easy to handle, user-friendly and beginner-friendly. Just start by viewing the full-scale chip-removal guidelines. (Applicable for v4ink CF258A/CF258X)

Precautions for installation

Sometime a careless misplacement of the chip will set the customer back. Beware that the chip ought to be inserted in a correct direction.

An indication picture is next to the chip slot, which you can follow it.

chip installation

Make sure the chip is aligned with the plastic ridge.

chip installation

Misplacement of the chip will trigger a wrong signal on the LCD screen. So please double confirm if the chip is firmly inserted before the final installation into the printer. If a wrong signal keeps reminding, please discharge the toner from the printer, readjust the chip’s position, and put it back later to dismiss the error.

What if the error fails to be dismissed, even though there is nothing wrong with the chip? With the OEM chip applied into our v4ink cf258a/cf258x toner, the printer will mention “Black Cartridge Very Low”. It represents the old cartridge’s capacity only, not for the new one. It’ll be back into normal as you skip the message.

Questions Proposed by Users

We summarize some regular problems or questions put forward by other users.

  1. Printer warns “Low on toner, please replace”.

Tips: Print a test paper to verify the toner volume. If low capacity, just replace with a new one. In another situation that the toner is just installed without much use, please review the printing setting and the internet connection, and ensure they are well set. Or you can try to reinstall the toner to correct misplacement issue. (Not applicable for compatible non-chipped toner)

  1. Cannot use Wifi.

Tips: Please be cautious that these two printers do not provide wifi connection function. They use Ethernet instead.

  1. Requiring a reset of the system.

Tips: HP Printers notify the user of firmware upgrading from time to time. If “Auto” update is turned on, the printer will reset the upgrading. In case of any disruption, customer can turn off that setting.

  1. Paper jams.

Tips: The user manual of HP printer entails a detailed troubleshooting regarding paper jam and its jam area. Please refer to the related section of the manual.

Article source: https://www.v4ink.com/What-s-the-difference-between-M404n-and-M404dn

What is the difference between HP m454dn and m454dw?

With more and more printers in different brands and specifications coming out every year, HP Color LaserJet pro m454 series printer designed as a medium-grade machine can offer excellent outputs in black and colors. The accurate color representation makes this LaserJet printer ideal for a home or a small-to-medium-sized workgroup that has high requirements for quality printouts.

It includes two printers in this series: HP Color LaserJet pro m454dn and HP Color LaserJet pro m454dw. Both printers are equipped with a 250-sheet tray and a 50-sheet automatic tray, and can print up to 28 pages per minute. They’re also capable of automatic duplex printing in monochrome and colors. The functions made these machines enough to handle a high efficient and effective print work.  

HP m454dn vs m454dw

These two printers almost share the same functions and physical size except for wireless print. This function enables you to print from your mobile device with HP software. HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dw has this extra feature and comes along with a 2.7’’color touchscreen control panel for easy operation.

It’s also slightly heavier than HP Color LaserJet Pro M454dn. The following is the detailed information of these two printers for your reference.

HP m454dn vs m454dw in Specification

 HP m454dnHP m454dw
Fax Scan Copy FunctionNoNo
Print Speed28ppm28ppm
Wireless PrintNoYes
Automatic Duplex printingYesYes
Control Panel2-line LCD2.7″ color Touchscreen
Size11.6 x 16.2 x 18.5 inches11.6 x 16.2 x 18.5 inches

HP m454 printer requires 4 separate toner cartridges: black, cyan, magenta, yellow. They can come individually or in a 4-pack combo. To meet the different print requirements, there are two types of toner cartridges with different page yields for your choice.What toner cartridge does HP m454 use?

The standard page yield version, HP 414A toner cartridge, is also named w2020a, w2021a, w2022a, w2023a to represent different colors, black, cyan, magenta, yellow. HP 414A black toner cartridge can yield 2,400 pages while the other colors yield 1,200 pages. The high yield version, HP 414X toner cartridge, HP part numbers are w2020x, w2021x, w2022x, w2023x. The page yield is 7,500 pages for black while 6,000 pages for other colors.

How to choose a proper toner cartridge and save more on printing consumables?

If you have ever purchased a toner cartridge or have done a research for the printers, you may find there are various toner cartridges with different brands and features on the aftermarket. While, if you’re not familiar with this product or do not pay attention to the product instruction before you make a purchase decision, it may lead you to make a wrong decision. Now let’s show you the tips to avoid it.

HP 414a OEM cartridges which were produced by HP manufactories, are often sold in a single pack partly because of their relatively high prices. For example, a pack of HP 414a black cartridge selling on Amazon is at $84.89 and the color cartridge is $109.89 for each. It means if you want to purchase a full set of HP 414a original toner cartridges, you need to take $411.56 in total at which you nearly can get a new HP454dn printer.

Therefore, we may wonder if any affordable alternatives to HP cartridges? The answer is yes. You could choose 414a compatible toner cartridges instead. They’re offered by the 3rd party suppliers and often at a fraction of the cost OEM cartridges. But please pay attention to the product description and choose a reputable supplier before placing an order.

  1. Check if the cartridges come along with smart chips or not.

These toner cartridges need to work with chips. If not, they can’t be detected by the printer and could not work. So if you choose a cartridge without a chip, make sure you still keep your original HP cartridge. Since you need to remove the chip from it and transfer the chip into the new compatible cartridge.

  1. Verify any toolkit for removing the chip will be added to the package.

HP smart chips come from two types of cartridges which are with different structures. For structure A, you can easily remove the chip by clamps or by hand. If the one on your hands is structure B, it will be much more difficult to remove the chip because it’s firmly glued on the cartridge. Therefore, a specific tool that can help you get the glued chip is necessary.

  1. Choose a reliable seller with effective warranty policies

A reliable seller puts a high value on its products and tends to provide a good warranty strategy to improve the customers’ impression. An efficient customer support team is also required in any case an unexpected happens.

Taking these factors into consideration, you’re supposed to get a proper toner cartridge for your HP M454 printer. But if you’re still wondering, v4ink 414a compatible toner cartridge would be a solid option. You can get a 4-pack combo at $105.99 which is only at 25% of the cost OEM cartridges. Or consider 414x high yield cartridge to take more saving on cost per page if you print a lot and frequently.

A tailor-made toolkit and detailed instruction will be added to the package to help you transfer chip no matter it’s from structure A or structure B. You can also refer to the video below for better comprehension. Two years warranty and a professional US local support team to guarantee your benefit when an unpredictable issue happens.

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/What-is-the-difference-between-HP-m454dn-and-m454dw

Can we use a toner cartridge without a chip?

Nowadays there are different types of toner cartridges remarking “with the upgraded chip” or “without chip”? What does it mean? What is a cartridge chip used for? Can we use a toner cartridge without a chip? As one of the users of LaserJet printers, these questions may ever confuse us or sometimes lead us to make a wrong decision when purchasing a toner cartridge. If so, this article will help you find the answers.


What is a cartridge chip used for?

A cartridge chip physically is a small circuit board. It’s just like an ID (identity card) for each toner cartridge which is used to record the product model information, print capacity, the remaining ink level, etc. In another word, this small circuit board works as a medium for storing and transferring chip information to printer which enables the cartridge to be detected and reminds users to replace toner when cartridge gets low.

Besides recording product information, these tiny chips have also been put to use to resist Non-OEM supplies. Sometimes, the original equipment manufacturer would upgrade or encrypt the chip to make the machine only recognize its own consumables. For example, if you’re the owner of HP color laserjet m479 or m454 series printer, you may find many generic cartridge sellers remarked the products are without chips.

What should we do for an HP cartridge without a chip?

For these no-chip cartridges, it requires users to properly keep the OEM chip and install it into the new cartridge before using it. The following is the list of the special printers. When you’re going to purchase a compatible toner cartridge for these printers, please pay attention to the product description and make sure you still keep the OEM chip before you decide to purchase a no-chip cartridge.

HP LaserJet Pro M404dw M404dn M404n M404 M428fdn M428fdw M428dw M428 Printer

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP m479fdw m454dw m454dn m479fdn m479dw

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw M283cdw M283 M282nw M255dw M255 Printer

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M182n M183fw printer

For each printer above, now v4ink can offer an affordable alternative to HP expensive toner cartridge. You could find the corresponding toner cartridge on our website by searching your printer model number and save more than a half by choosing v4ink products.

For example, a 4-pack of HP original 414a toner cartridge for HP m479 or m454 series printer costs $414.66, nearly the price of an HP M454dw printer $489, while you can save up to 70% by choosing  v4ink DIY 414a compatible toner cartridge. V4ink offers a 4-color set of 414a standard cartridges at $105.99. Or you could choose the high yield version 414x at $135.99.

HP OEM 414X VS v4ink 414x

To help you transfer chip smoothly, each DIY toner cartridge will come along with a set of special tools (the special tools may vary depending on the cartridge model) and detailed instructions. You could find the video for better understanding. Here are tips for you while you process with a DIY toner cartridge.

Why your HP printer could not recognize the new toner cartridge?

  1. Make sure you have installed a chip for the cartridge.
  2. Verify the chip if it’s a multi-color toner cartridge.
  3. The chip should be installed in the correct direction and align with the chip slot.
  4. Treat the chip softly when installing, scratch or dirt may result in an error message.
  5. If your printer or computer just reminder “Cartridge is low” but the output is good, you could disregard the error message and continue to print as usual.

Does a Brother toner cartridge have a chip?

Since different brand printer manufacturers have used different technologies in their products, in comparison with HP using a chip, Brother applied with dozens of patents in its consumables to protect the supply chain. This brand owner chose to use the counter gear and other patents in the cartridge to monitor the remaining print pages. For most Brother toner cartridges, there is no chip. But there is an exception. TN760. It indeed requires a chip. So when you purchase a toner cartridge for this model, please verify it comes along with a chip.

But you don’t have to worry about this when you purchase from v4ink. Now all of the TN760 toner cartridges from v4ink are with an up-to-date chip which is compatible with your printer with the latest firmware. And you could save up to 80%by choosing the v4ink TN760 toner cartridge

Brother TN760 VS V4INK TN760

What we should do if a Brother printer reminds “Toner low” even though we replaced a toner cartridge?

As a Brother printer user, you may meet this problem. It may occur when you install the cartridge but don’t power off the printer.

Please don’t worry. You could reset the toner cartridge by turning around the counter gears and solving the problem by yourself. Here we added instructions for resetting TN760 toner cartridges for your reference.

You could also search the instruction for other models on www.printerFAQ.net

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The Ultimate Guide for choosing 414AX Toner cartridge

As one of the most popular color LaserJet printers, HP M479fdw is a good partner for a small-to-medium business workplace. Its all-in-one functions which include faxing, copying, scanning, wireless printing and etc., can almost meet all the printing demands from a small or medium-sized office.

Printers compatible with 414AX toner

This article will show you the types and specifications of its printing consumables and how to make a proper choice when you need to purchase toner cartridges for the printer.

Compatible Toner Cartridge HP 414A and HP 414X

Includes: 4 packs of toner cartridges in different colors (black, cyan, magenta, yellow)

Whats the difference between HP 414A and HP 414X toner cartridges?

The physical construction is the same and they share the same compatible printers. The only difference is the print capacity.

HP 414A Standard Capacity Toner Cartridge

Color414a black toner414a cyan toner414a magenta toner414a yellow toner
Page Yield2,400 pages1,200 pages1,200 pages1,200 pages

HP 414X High Capacity Toner Cartridge

Color414x black toner414x cyan toner414x magenta toner414x yellow toner
Page Yield7,500 pages6,000 pages6,000 pages6,000 pages

Printers share the same toner cartridge

HP LaserJet Pro M454dn Color Laser Printe

HP LaserJet Pro M454dw Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M479fdn Color Laser Printer 

HP LaserJet Pro M479dw Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M479fdw Color Laser Printer

Nowadays, there are different types of 414A/X toner cartridges in the aftermarket, with a range of different features and costs. Here, we will clarify the difference between the cartridges and how to save more on printer toner.

HP 414A/X OEM toner cartridges

HP 414A/X OEM toner cartridges can also be known as HP 414A/X genuine cartridge which was produced by the printer manufacturer, HP or its authorized manufacturers. You could get a free sample when purchasing the printer or can purchase from other supplies when it runs out. It’s generally supplied in separate a single color cartridge since its price is very expensive.

DIY 414A/X generic new compatible toner cartridges

414A/X compatible cartridge is often offered by the 3rd party supplied. It’s only at half or a small fraction of the cost of OEM ones. But the capacity and print quality may vary depending on the seller you have chosen. And all of new compatible toner cartridges in the current aftermarket are without chips. It means that if you’re going to purchase a 414a compatible cartridge, you may need to properly keep your OEM chip when the cartridge runs out.

HP remanufactured 414A/X toner cartridges

414A/X remanufactured is a used OEM cartridge. It’s refurbished with new parts and refilled with new toner. The price is relatively low than the OEM cartridge and it comes along with a chip. You don’t need to transfer a chip before using it.

How to save on printer toner cartridge?

As we know, the running cost of a color Laser printer is usually higher than a monochrome printer. With 4 packs of toner cartridges need to be replaced, the average cost of HP M479fdw may double or evermore. So choosing a reliable and cost-effective supplier for consumables could be a critical task to make the process of office paper work run smoothly at the lowest expense. If you’re still in doubt, you could choose a pack of v4ink 414X new compatible black toner cartridge as a test.

Less than 30% cost of OEM ones,  v4ink 414x black cartridge can provide with the equal page yield and service life with clean and consistent printout as HP original cartridge does. And you can save more if choosing the 4-pack of cartridge combo.

How to replace chip for DIY toner cartridge?

Distinct from other suppliers, v4ink DIY cartridge will be added a set of special tools along with the package to help users transfer chip. Users could refer to the detailed instruction in the package or check the video on our website for the operating steps.

What’s more, we extended the quality coverage to 2-year for your peace of mind in any case you need us. 

What to do if we dont have an OEM chip?

If your cartridge chip was lost or does not work, v4ink 414x remanufactured toner cartridge may be a good option. By choosing this environment-friendly item, besides saving nearly 30% of the cost, you can help us step further in an effort to protect our planet. In addition, this cartridge comes with OEM original chip. You could put it into your printer directly out from package. It’s also backed with our 2-year quality coverage to guarantee your printing work is efficient and effective.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Anything we need to pay attention to when replacing chip?

  1. Make sure you have installed the chip in the correct direction and in right position.
  2. Verify the chip is from the right original cartridge. If you mean to replace chip for a black cartridge, make sure it is from HP black cartridge.

How to disable the prompt on computer?

After inserting the cartridge, your printer or computer may pop up an error message to remind “Cartridge is Low”, please don’t worry, it’s because the chip still keeps the memory of your last cartridge. You could print a page to check the performance and disable the prompt by following up the steps in the picture.

cartridge low

Is a 414a chip valid for a 414x cartridge?

Yes the standard cartridge and high yield cartridge may share the same chip but make sure it’s from the same color cartridge.

How many times could we reuse an OEM chip?

We typically recommend re-using a chip in 3-4 toner cartridges. The print quality may decline when the chip has worn down after several times recycling.t

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/The-Ultimate-Guide-for-choosing-414AX-Toner-cartridge

How do I know when to replace the CF258A toner?


Generally, user can view the remaining volume in percentage from printer’s setting. But this way is for OEM CF258A toner cartridge only. For the compatible non-chipped CF258A and remanufactured CF258A toner, let’s go on and walk out the maze.

What tracks the toner level?

Electronic chip serves as a mini drive, enabling the printer read the toner so that printing can act on detection. Likewise, chip collects the printing data and toner level, which cannot be eliminated under the protection of its intrinsic programming system.

In so doing, remanufactured CF258A toner reuses the OEM chip to continue printing section. Non-chipped CF258A toner necessitates a chip equally, but it should be prepared by customer. The reused chip can’t trace the capacity.

OEM chip

What can prove the low toner level?

It’s time to replace the toner when the printout looks faint after using for a certain while. It depends on the printing frequency.

faint printout

“Black cartridge very low” keeps reminding

With being said, the chip remained the old data and cannot be reprogramed it. Thus, this message isn’t reflect the actual toner level. V4ink promise our CF258A compatible toner will come in full powder capacity. Both remanufactured and no-chip edition toner can print 3,000 A4/letter pages filled with 5% contents.

Disregard the message, then you can resume printing.

No more hold-ups in replacing toner

Looking for an easy-peasy working style, here you go for v4ink high-yield CF258X No-chip compatible toner reducing replacing time. More pages, Less haste.

Shelf life

1. Would be better use v4ink CF258A compatible toner within 18 months upon receipt.

2. OEM chip needs to be replaced after being used in 3 compatible toner cartridges.

Article source: https://www.v4ink.com/How-do-I-know-when-to-replace-the-CF258A-toner

Frequently Asked Questions and Answer for HP 902 ink cartridge

Since the firmware update of HP 902 series printers in December last year, there has been a lot of customer consultation about HP 902. The v4ink customer service team extracted the following common and important questions and answers from the customer feedback, hoping to provide some help and guidance for you in the process of using HP 902 ink cartridge.

01. What printers work with the HP 902 ink cartridge?

Printer OfficeJet 6954/6960/6962, OfficeJet Pro 6960/6968/6975/6978 All-in-One Printer works with HP 902 ink cartridge.

02. Whats the difference between HP 902 and HP 902XL?

The major difference between HP 902 and 902XL is the page yield.

HP 902 is standard cartridge which can print up to 300 pages per black and color cartridge. HP 902XL is high-yield cartridge which can print up to 825 pages per black and color cartridge.

Also, HP 902XL will be larger, but they are both suitable for the same printer, and should install the same way as the HP 902 standard cartridge.

03.What is the function of the chip?

The chip is used for printer to identify ink cartridge and record the consumption of the ink.

After each task, the printer will calculate with the original record of the cartridge chip according to the amount of ink required for the task (different tasks use different amount of ink, such as cleaning, printing text, printing pictures), and then update to the chip.

The printer reads the data recorded by the cartridge’s chip. Thus, the printer will remind no ink when the chip detected the original toner running out. 

If you add ink by yourself, you must crack the ink cartridge chip after adding ink, otherwise the printer may not recognize the ink.

Due to the existence of the chip, non original ink cartridge also has the risk of being unrecognized by the printer.

04. Why does HP need firmware upgrade?

The purpose of HP’s firmware upgrade is to improve the performance of the system and hardware carried by HP laser printer and to repair the bug.

05. Can we prevent the printer firmware from updating automatically?

We can turn off the printer firmware update settings to prevent printer from automatically update.

Step 1: Swipe down the screen and press the “Setting” icon on the control panel.

Step 2: Scroll up the screen, choose “Printer Maintenance”.

Step 3: Scroll up the screen, then choose “Update the Printer”.

Step 4: Press “Printer Update Options”.

Step 5: Select “Do Not Check”.

Step 6: Select “No” to turn off auto firmware update.

Click Here for video instruction.

If your printer has been upgraded automatically, you can also restore the printer firmware to the previous version by downgrade the firmware.

Here is the method.

06. Can I Replace Ink Chip by myself?

6 Steps for Replace Ink Chip

Step 1: Purchase ink replenishment kit and smart chip compatible with ink cartridge used in printer. Typically, you can find a kit containing smart chips at an office supply store or online retailer.

Step 2: Turn off the printer, and then remove the ink cartridge according to the instructions in the user’s guide or the label on the inside of the maintenance door cover.

Step 3: Refill the cartridge according to the instructions in the ink refill kit.

Step 4: Adjust the orientation of the ink cartridge so that you can access the smart chip at the bottom. Use tweezers or art knife to gently pry the smart chip until it breaks away from the plastic tab that holds it in place. Or, if the chip has an entrance that allows you to slide it out of the housing, use tweezers to pull it out from under the tab. Remove the old smart chip and set it aside.

Step 5: Insert the new chip into the slot or under the tab at the bottom of the cassette. Gently push the chip down into the tab or slide it into the slot until it is fixed.

Step 6: Turn on the printer and use it normally. After using the tool to reset the smart chip on the ink cartridge, the printer application will no longer display the “ink cartridge used up” or “ink cartridge nearly used up” warning messages.

07. What to do if HP 902 leaking ink?

Replace the ink cartridge. Don’t try to repair it, otherwise, the printer will be damaged as if HP can’t provide service for the printer during the warranty period.

08. What if the printer doesn’t recognize the HP 902 ink cartridge?

Step 1: Remove your new cartridge and replace it with the old one. Leave your printer and go and do something else for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Replace the old cartridge with the new one again.These two steps alone often resolve the issue, so see if your printer now recognizes your new cartridges. However, if you’re still having trouble…

Step 3: Remove the new cartridge. Make sure you place it in a clean and safe place where the cartridge or the surface won’t be damaged.

Step 4: Turn the printer off.

Step 5: Unplug your printer at the wall. It’s important to do both steps 4 and 5 separately, as some printers can remain in sleep mode if you’ve only switched off the power button on the printer control panel. Leave your printer like this for about 10 minutes or so.

Step 6: Plug your printer back in at the wall (but don’t press the power button just yet).

Step 7: Insert your new cartridge.

Step 8: Press the power button on your inkjet printer to restart your printer.

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