What is the same and difference between HP 414A and HP 414X?

HP 414A and HP 414X Toner Cartridge look similar. Can they be mix in the same printer? What is the same and difference between them? Let’s find the answer together.

Compatible Printer model

The compatible printer model of HP 414A standard yield and HP 414X high yield are the same. The following are the printer models they compatible to:

HP LaserJet Pro M454dn Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M454dw Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M479fdn Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M479dw Color Laser Printer

HP LaserJet Pro M479fdw Color Laser Printer

Since the HP 414A and 414X are compatible for the same printer model. Many people wonder whether they can be mixed in the same printer? The answer is yes, you can use the 414X black toner cartridge together with the 414A color toner cartridges. Most people use black more than the color cartridge. They need to use an extended life black cartridge.Therefore, mixing the 414X black together with the 414A color toner cartridge would be a better way to save money.

Page Yield

As we all know, “X” means more capacity and more toner the cartridge contain. The most different between HP 414A and HP 414X toner cartridge is their page yield and their service life.

SeriesBlack Toner CartridgeC/M/Y Toner Cartridge
HP 414A Standard Yield2400 pages2100 pages
HP 414X High Yield7500 pages6000 pages

Whether it’s color or black, the page yield of HP 414X High Yield toner cartridge is 3 times than the HP 414A Standard Yield Toner Cartridge. That means the service life of HP 414X is 3 times longer than the HP 414A. If you don’t want to change the cartridge frequently, or if you print more page in your daily life, It will be better to select HP 414X High yield toner cartridges.

Cost per page

Cost per page (CPP) is determined by dividing the cost of that printer cartridge by the printer cartridge’s page yield. Through the cost per page, we can find out which product has better cost performance.

The cost per page comparison of OEM HP 414A/X Black Toner cartridge:

BlackHP 414A Standard YieldHP 414X High Yield
Page Yield2400 pages7500 pages
Cost per Page3.5 cents2.3 cents

The cost per page comparison of OEM HP 414A/X Cyan/Magenta/Yellow Toner cartridge:

C/Y/MHP 414A Standard YieldHP 414X High Yield
Page Yield2100 pages6000 pages
Cost per Page5.2 cents3.9 cents

The cost per page of color toner cartridge is higher than the black toner cartridge. The cost per page of 414X high yield toner cartridge, no matter color or black, both lower than the 414A standard yield toner cartridge.

Therefore, choosing the high yield version will be more affordable.

What’ s the best price alternatives of HP 414A and 414X?

V4ink HP 414A (W2020A) Black toner cartridge – DIY version and v4ink HP 414X (W2020X) Black toner cartridge – DIY version are your best price alternative.

V4ink HP 414A/X DIY version with the same page yield as the OEM toner cartridge, which work perfectly with the printer model the same as OEM’s.

You just need to replace the chip from the OEM toner cartridge and install it into v4ink toner cartridge. It’s easy to install and you can save up to 70% by using v4ink toner cartridges.

The cost per page comparison of OEM HP 414A and v4ink HP 414A DIY Toner Cartridge:

BlackOEM HP 414Av4ink HP 414A – DIY
Page Yield2400 pages2400 pages
Cost per Page3.5 cents1.8 cents

The cost per page comparison of OEM HP 414X and v4ink HP 414X DIY Toner Cartridge:

BlackOEM HP 414Xv4ink HP 414X – DIY
Page Yield7500 pages7500 pages
Cost per Page2.3 cents0.67 cents

If you don’t want to replace chip by yourself, v4ink also provide you with a more convenient choice – v4ink Remanufactured 414A/ 414X Toner Cartridges with chip.

Shopping at v4ink.com can help you save more and enjoy high quality printing effect!

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/What-is-the-same-and-difference-between-HP-414A-and-HP-414X

How to solve the problem that CF500A does not recognize the machine?

Important inspections are necessary before installing into printer, please follow below steps to verify the function of HP cf500a compatible toner cartridge.

  1. Unpack the cf500a compatible toner cartridge from plastic bag.


  1. Find the chip slot and confirm is installed correctly as shown.


  1. If the chip is loose, push it to the end of slot as arrow shown, ensure there is no space left.


  1. Remove the organge plastic pieces from cf500a toner cartridge.


5、  Stick the sealing tape to the bottom side of cf500a toner.

Warning: DO NOT remove the sealing tape at this stage!


6、  Install the cf500a toner cartridge into machine, close the front cover of the machine.


*If the printer reads the cf500a toner cartridge rapidly, now remove the sealing tape and reinstall in machine.

*If the machine does not read the cf500a toner cartridge and display error, please provide the printer model and batch number of cf500a toner cartridge to us, we will instruct return and replacement.


Article source: https://www.v4ink.com/HP-CF500A-Compation-Toner-Cartridge-Installation-Instructions

7 Tips for Using HP Toner Cartridges

No matter what type of printer in the use of the process will have a certain degree of loss, let alone the toner cartridge itself is consumable, so in the use of HP toner cartridge, should also pay attention to the relevant matters. In order to ensure the normal operation of the HP toner cartridge you purchased, V4ink provide the following suggestions for your reference:

The most important of these is that laser printers, like computers, are best placed in a clean environment to achieve the best printing effect and reduce the impact of dust in the air on printers and consumables. Please put the toner cartridge into the corresponding laser printer in the right direction. Do not open the selenium drum shade and touch the surface of the drum. Do not turn the moving light drum. Here are other considerations:

1.It is forbidden to use or store HP toner cartridge in high temperature, high humidity and cold environment to avoid long-term exposure to strong light.

2.HP toner cartridge should not tear the black packaging bag when not in use, and should not open the cover plate of the photosensitive toner casually so as to avoid the damage of the drum core caused by scratch or strong light. Although there is no packaging bag in the new consumables, do not open the packaging to expose the photosensitive cartridge.

3.Don’t touch the toner cartridge core or rotate the drum core by hand. When the cartridge core rotates, pay attention to the direction. If the rotation direction is not correct, it will damage the parts and cause powder leakage or print stains.

4.Don’t tear the seal before HP toner cartridge is used. Otherwise, the toner will be easily damped and caked, resulting in light printing color.

5.When replacing HP toner cartridge, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to clean the remaining ink or paper scraps in the printer. Do not blow directly with your mouth to avoid carbon powder inhalation or flow into the printer.

6.HP toner cartridge(e.g HP 201X) should shake the handle horizontally 4-5 times before it comes on the new machine, so that the toner is loose and evenly distributed, and then pull out the sealing strip, which is conducive to printing uniform color, and the new consumables on the new line can be used directly without shaking.

7. When choosing to print paper, do not use wrinkle, uneven incision or too thick, too hard and other printing media, otherwise it will affect the quality of printing and shorten the life of the photosensitive drum.

How to Save Potential Money on Cf500a Cartridge?

As the newest generation HP printing consumables, HP cf500a take the print quality and efficiency to a new height. Corresponding, the good value for money and we need to spend more money on it. Thus how do we get the value of our money on cf500a and save even more money? Make the most use of it, and let it exert its biggest role.

To be honest, to improve its utilization we should pay attention to the details of the toner and its matching printer. Giving cf500a a good work circumstance and maintain operation can improve it utilization, and further reduce expenditure.

For its matching HP printer, here is something important that you should be noticed:

1.Make a reasonable selection of printing Settings

In general, you will set up the printer link again when you install the new cartridge. Usually there are some default settings such as the choices for color prints or black-and-white prints, the function of saving toner, or use Time New Roman fonts less and use Garamond fonts more, which can save even more resources. It’s the ordinary settings that can help you maximum uses of the resources of toner and reduce the resources wastages. So don’t neglect these settings that are able to save both potential resources and money.

2.Do not move or even hit your printer

Many people may take drastic action when they have no ideas to deal with the problems happen to their printer. They always try to solve problems by moving a bit or hitting the printer. In fact, these methods may make things worse, and even make your printer unable to work. Be kind to your printer, because the fierce collision to your printer will change its internal consumables to its original position so that your toner does not work properly.

For cf510 toner itself, there are two things you can be referenced:

  1. Although the OEM toner has it unique advantages, the compatible toner is always the cost-effective bargains for investing. Try some reputable brand printing consumables not only give you the reassuring print results as best as the original, also is still a direct and efficient way to protect you from the troubles caused by the inferior printing consumables. Lower single page output cost and dependable print guarantee, high quality compatible cf510a toner is worthy for us to have a try as well.
  2. Daily maintenance work should also be carried out in life, which can prolong the service life of toner and save more money. Always remember that you should use it in an appropriate environment, not in an extreme environment. And you should control the gold time of using, if you take out toner apart after sealing, remember use it out within 6 months. If you don’t use it for a long time to disable its validity, the print quality will be affected, and ultimately affect the present output material.


How to Install CF230X Toner for Your HP Printer?

A new cf230x needs to be installed correctly into your HP printer then it can exert its biggest role. Come to follow the steps below and prepare to replace the new toner cartridge for your laser printers!

  1. Take out the original cf230x cartridge which has been used up;Take out cf230x toner
  2. Unpack the new cf230x toner cartridge;unpack cf230x compatible
  3. Gently shake the new cartridge from side to side to distribute the carbon powder;shake cf230x cartridge
  4. Pull the sealing tape form the end of the cf230 cartridge to remove the entire length of tape. Do remember, if the tape not be removed entirely it will cause your laser printer can’t work properly;Pull the sealing tape form cf230x
  5. Then slightly remove the protective cover;remove the cf230x protective cover
  6. .Install the cf230x drum unit into the HP printer;Install cf230x drum unit
  7. After place the drum unit well, you can install the new cfe230x toner into the printer;install new cf230x toner
  8. Finally close the front cover and connect the power supply.close the front cover

    In general speaking, if the new cartridge you buy is original one, you printer may work properly as your wish. But if the cf230x toner cartridges you buy are compatible ones, you need to operate some setting to get your printer working properly: you find there is the “Non-HP Print Cartridges” error when you use the printer. Don’t be worry, it’s a common error when you install a compatible toner cartridges. But you can use the cartridge directly by pressing “ok” or “√” button to do what your printer indicates. Never mind the compatible cf230x cartridge will damage your printer or void your printer warranty unless the cartridges are counterfeits or inferior products.

    HP 30x cf230x toner belongs to the typical split-type toner cartridges. Only combine the toner and drum unit can the whole operation finish and the work come into effect. Therefore, the above installation methods are also applicable to the installation or replacement of other similar toner cartridges, such as cf217a toner, cf219a drum unit. Learn now, and easily install your new printer cartridges!

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how to buy cheap toner cf226x

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If your lovers are photographers and he/she need to get high-definition beautiful pictures by the use of HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn, our cf410x toner is definitely preferred. Although the HP printer recognizes the cartridges as non HP version, it accepted them with no problem. This toner cartridge is guaranteed to work flawlessly in HP printer. Output is as high-quality as the original toner. Best of all, the printer will never not gripe about non-genuine toner when this is installed. When it’s time to replace the color toners, our brand cf410a toner and the service will always be worth buying again.

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2018 New Year Celebration: Buy Additional 1-Pack Toner Only Pay Extra $0.01!

Have you made a new wish for the 2018 New Year? Have you hope to buy yourself a big house or plan to travel around the world? Or you just want to earn and save even more money for a better life? In order to make you more achieve your dreams, with less money to and enjoy better print quality and a higher quality of life, we have launched the large-scale New Year activities for you. Only pay extra cost $0.01, you can get 1 pack toner! This activity takes effect now and ends on 2018.1.31! Come to check out the rules of the buying games!

$0.01 toner cartridgesDuring the activity, you need to buy 4 packs and additional 1pack toner at the same time, then you can enjoy the big discounts by the use of the specialized code! There are four kinds of involved in this activity: tn660, tn450, ce285a, cf283a. We believe there is always a suitable product for you here!

1. Greatest value tn660 and tn450 toner

As our V4ink top and most hot-sales compatible toners, the popularity of these laser toners are self-evident. If you are our old customers, we sure you must be impressive by their stable compatibility and incredible print results. Also, the initial purpose of our superior toners is not only to allow you to enjoy the excellent printing like OEM, but also to provide the lowest price you can afford. It’s obvious to all that our compatible Brother toner always your best option for printing, regardless of page yields or printing performance. And through this activity you can afford another toner for $0.01 on the basis of purchasing our 4-pack toner at the same time.  Only costing $0.01, you can save even big from the investment on our compatible tn660 and tn450 toner!

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Although our ce285a toner and compatible cf283 are not as popular as the formers, we are proud of their outstanding performance and the profound impact they have had on their customers. If you have ever used these two products, we believe you will never be disappointed. These two cartridges have been specially tested to achieve the best quality and the most reliable compatibility, and ensure to give you the same results as the originals! Buy 4 packs of our toner, and you can get a new one as long as you pay another $0.01! That way, you won’t worry about the next batch of print tasks, and our laser toner ensures that you’ll be able to output your desired results in any case. You’ll save $13.98 or more as long as you participate in the purchase of these two products.

  • The discount of HP CE285A Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

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How to Distinguish Between HP CF500A and CF500X Toner Cartridges

For HP’s new generation of printing consumables, cf500a and cf500x, you may not be familiar with them. In fact, they are different printing consumables. Knowing some of the differences between them will help you find the right print supplies based on your printing habits. Now let’s make a short summary of both of their comparisons.

1、The difference points:

  • The most obvious point is the print capacity varies the different models. Do not think they use the same letter cf500 to indicate that they are the same, the differences of them is obvious. In addition to the print capacity, we can also feel this difference in other ways:

differents between cf500a and cf500x

  • Also there are some small differences between the compatible ability of the two:

The printer models v4ink cf500a compatible toner cartridge

cf500x compatible toner cartridges

compatible with printer:

HP Color Laserjet M254dw
HP Color Laserjet M254nw
HP Color Laserjet M281FW
HP Color Laserjet M281FDN
HP Color Laserjet M281FDW
HP Color Laserjet M280NW


The printer models v4ink cf500x compatible toner cartridge

cf500x compatible toner cartridge


compatible with printer:

HP Color Laserjet M254dw
HP Color Laserjet M254nw
HP Color Laserjet M281FDN
HP Color Laserjet M281FDW
HP Color Laserjet M280NW



2、The similar points:

    • In most new generation HP printers, these two printing consumables can be compatible with the same printer and maintain excellent print output quality. Such as in process of use of the HP Color Laserjet M281FDN, cf500a can be used continuously when cf500x is used up. These two are totally supported double-sided printing operation, which can help us reduce paper wastages as well as help us improve the printing efficiency.
    • The use of these cartridge can lower the cost of color printing output is more affordable for users. The new generation cf500 series toners offer the durable capacity and safe toner packaging, which help user avoid costly color printing costs pressure, at the same time let users fully enjoy the conveniences and the beauties of the color printing.
    • Thanks to the practical designs ideas, these two new generation cartridges with different page yield possess powerful performance and strong printing capacity that fully meet users various printing requirement. At the same time help us reduce printing errors or defects and save even more working time.
  • Be clear about their differences in price, print, and performance, and you can quickly find which one is right for you. Most importantly, you can make a reasonable economic choice to make every printing consumable investment cost-effective.


Reliable Printing Experience CF217A

The printer cartridge set helps you reduce the cost of high-volume printing. With this cost-effective option designed for high-volume printing, you can experience the professional, reliable printing that cf217a compatible printing supplies bring.

Cf217a compatible printing supplies are easy to manage and use. Plus, the dual suit (two cf217a compatible black laser print cartridges) is easy to use, reducing printer downtime to a lower level.

Cf217a compatible toner cartridges account for 70% of the printing system, and the printer will provide reliable, professional print, saving you much time. The printer cartridge further reduces your printing costs and thus saves you money as well.

Cf217a compatible toner cartridge helps reduce the cost with high-value options designed for high-volume printing. The more printing, the more you will save. With the printer cartridge, you can reduce your company’s printing costs while achieving consistent, professional output and a reliable, worry-free compatible toner cartridge experience.

Make the most of your print budgets. Cf217a toner cartridge laser printer original doubles set of print volume more than a single cartridge. With two drum cartridges suitable for high volume printing, you can print more papers at a lower price. Save on shipping costs – Get two cartridges at a time.

Prints are assured – cf217a toner cartridge works well with your printers and MFPs to provide excellent performance. Printable professional gives you quality black and white documents. They are also free and easy to recycle.

Maintain high output, so there is no need to worry about the consumables. Compared with a separate cartridge, two cartridges are packed together to reduce shopping fees. Reduce downtime – Additional toner on hand. Intuitive design makes the replacement cartridge easy.

Printing more affordable-cf217a toner cartridge doubles sets of print volumes more than a single cartridge.

The more you print, the more you save. Cf217a toner cartridge Double Kit provides you with professional print quality and there are more toner than one a single cartridge. With an extra cartridge on hand, you will keep productivity high and reduce your working time.

V4ink new compatible HP 17A CF217A  toner cartridge is the replacement of the OEM model with the highest standards of quality, reliability and compatibility.

V4ink CF217A toner cartridge compatible for printer:
HP LaserJet Pro M102w
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130fn
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130fw
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130nw
HP LaserJet Pro MFP M130a

They work like a champ – The expensive Brother cartridge only lasted 1/2 of the advertised print life. Great replacement toner. So far it has not leaked or jammed my printer. It just working just like the OEM toner that came with the printer years ago. For the price, this is a no brainer. This is my second experience with these cartridges and they work great. I used them first at home and had such a great experience, I purchased them for my business. They are easy to install and there is no mess created like there would be if you replaced the toner itself. These cartridges fit the printer as advertised and immediately after installation there were no smears or gaps on my printed documents. I will definitely continue to be a customer!


Only for Best Prints! HP Printer With CF500A/X Refresh Printing Height!

Time back in March 2015, Hewlett-Packard in the United Sates released a new generation of Laser Jet series of print products, which had attracted the attention of the printer industries. The series printers of M277dw with its small body, new ColorShpere3 carbon powder technology, brilliant white appearance, was awarded with the title ” super white”. Two years later, today HP has released the Color laserJet Pro MFP M280nw color laser printers, a new generation of the “super white” and its upgraded version toner-cf500A/X, and how they refresh the glory of the previous generation on the supremacy throne? What are the highlights of the release of HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw and its print consumabsles? Let us have a full understanding about it.

  • Smaller volume, more paper capacity

It is difficult to break for subsequent model of the classic products in general, but in the first generation of HP M280nw classic product has made progress in “small” and “light”. HP M280nw fuselage size is only 420 mm * 389 mm * 334 mm, and the product weight is 18 Kg, compared with the former generation product, a 4% reduction in volume, the increase in weight of 0.6 Kg. Perhaps the previous 150-pages paper capacity is highly controversial. HP M280nw uses a built-in paper method, which can hold 100 pages of regular paper, the same as the previous one. At the bottom of the fuselage, the product is ready to label a 250-page enclosed paper box. The ADF feed scan unit at the top of the HP M280nw fuselage is able to accommodate at least 50 pages of regular documents, and fully meet the demand for paper. ‘s characteristics is on a scanning platform edge, it adopts the narrow edge design, not only conforms to the present stage the user’s aesthetic idea, more reduced the product scan unit volume and the weight, more convenient user access scan scanned media platforms.

  • New generation cf500a/x make it high effective for people

The biggest bright spot on the HP M280nw fuselage is not smaller volume, faster output speed, but rather a new HP 202A smart toner platform with HP smart technology’s JetIntelligence. This new HP 202A Series Intelligent Cartridge Platform is the product to achieve smaller size and faster output speed basis. The HP M280nw JetIntelligence new intelligent cartridge platform on HP M280nw adopted smaller HP ColorSphere3 powdered carbon, making it have printed 33% more than the same weight of ordinary carbon powder, and carbon powder on more solid shell and a lower melting point in providing faster output basis at the same time, reducing the energy consumption of the product. Smaller toner brings far more than that, it can provide users with smoother print quality at the same resolution, and the new HP 202A Series like cf500a Intelligent Drum Platform on the HP M280nw is nominally printable 1400 Black pages or 1300 pages of color documents. But for uses with larger print needs, they can also choose to print 3200 black and white or 2600 pages of color larger supplies.

  • Only five steps are required to drive the installation

We use the HP M280nw CD-ROM drive installation and the traditional USB connection, through the actual use of we see that the product driver installation is relatively simple, and the users can click the mouse five times to complete the whole process. In the HP M280nw print properties, we can see that the product features quite detailed allocation, the user can make a choice in print the paper / quality, effects, binding, color and so on, which is more convenient for uses to make a choice. Although the HP M280nw is not equipped with an automatic duplexing unit, users can set up manual duplexing to contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection.

  •  Continuation of the previous generation of print quality

Thanks to HP’s ColorSphere3 carbon powder- CF500A/X toner, HP M280nw has overshadowed similar rival products printed at 600dpi. Through the test drawings, we can see that HP M280nw printing is accurate, the edges are smooth, the paper is cleaner, and the color transition is more fluent and smooth, which means you can get more reassuring print supplies and graphics.

As an industry innovation significance of products, HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M280nw Color laser multi-function equipment volume in the fuselage, home page output speed, experience, print quality, cf500Aa/x toner, the power consumption and so on various aspects all can effortlessly meet the needs of different users with Color printing requirements.

But the prices of the HP cf500A/X are higher than other ordinary toners as you can imagine. The price of the HP cf500A toner is $ 64.99 in amazon and $ 96.99 in the cf500x. This is a big burden for most people, if you have to pay for an original toner especially the color toner cartridges. But the latest good news is that there will be lots of compatible HP cf500A/X on V4ink for big sales! Give you the same printing results as the originals and present the clear printed contents. Devoting to create the healthy and solid quality satisfaction, V4ink compatible cf500A/X toner is not at the expense of quality for the price. Come to focus on V4ink, acquiring the latest news of latest products to save even more money on high-tech print consumables!