Can I refill hp 902 ink cartridge by myself?

Yes, you can, but not a good idea. have tested on the OEM / New Compatible and Refilled ink cartridges. The results show that there is a big gap between the Refilled ink cartridge and the OEM / New Compatible ink cartridges. The quality and stability of the OEM / New Compatible ink cartridge is far better than that of the refilled ink cartridge.

Refilled ink cartridges print less

The ink cartridge needs to draw a certain amount of ink each time it prints, Since the refilled ink cartridge is old, which needs to draw more ink when printing, the ink will run out very quickly.

One HP 902xl of OEM / New Compatible ink cartridge can print up to 825 pages, while the refilled ink cartridge can only print 400 pages. The average number of pages printed by the OEM / New Compatible ink cartridge is twice that of the refilled ink cartridge.

The printing effect of refilled ink cartridge is poor, and the color is dim and light

Due to manual operation, refilled ink is easy to leak and pollute during the filling process. And due to the uneven quality of the ink purchased by individuals, the printing effect is often poor, and there are problems such as dim color, light color and distortion.

The OEM / New Compatible ink cartridge is not manual operation, but professional and assembly line work to ensure the stability of product quality. After testing, refilled ink cartridge results in an average of 18 times more wasted pages than the OEM / New Compatible ink cartridge.

Refilling ink is more likely to failure in use

40% of the refilled ink cartridges fail to use, mainly because the printer can’t recognize the cartridge properly.

95% of the OEM / New Compatible ink cartridges can work normally, only 5% of them have a small amount of abnormality.

During the test, was also found that some of the refilled ink cartridge could also cause damage to the printers.

Unable to adapt printer with firmware upgrade

Refilled ink does not solve the firmware upgrade problem. The chip on the ink cartridge must be update when the printer’s firmware is upgraded Therefore, the refilled ink can not adapt to the new printer firmware.

The OEM / New Compatible ink cartridge can effectively cope with the problem of printer firmware upgrade, because they will upgrade the chip of ink cartridge according to the firmware upgrade, so as to make their products match the printer all the time.

The best way to save money?

To sum up, refill hp 902 ink cartridge by yourself is not a good way to save money, and it is likely to damage your printer. OEM HP 902 ink is so expensive, how to save money? V4ink reminds you that the new compatible ink cartridge can almost match the OEM ink cartridge in various performances, however the price is only 25% of the OEM ink cartridge. That is to say, you can buy four new compatible v4ink HP 902XL ink cartridges for the price of one OEM HP 902xl ink cartridge. The best way to save money is to give consideration to both quality and price.

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