Why Are Portable Wide Format Handheld Inkjet Printers Recommended?

A portable wide format handheld inkjet printer is easy to carry and can print a variety of contents on objects at any time. Compared with ordinary handheld printers, it has a larger print height to print large characters, logos, pictures, etc., and has a wider application industry, helping companies greatly improve work efficiency and increase productivity. Next, don’ miss an introduction to this type of printer.

Introduction of Portable Wide Format Handheld Inkjet Printer

Using wide format handheld printer, you can print text, number, symbol, QR code, barcode (UPC code), time, date, temperature, logo, picture, etc. such as the barcode and expiration date on food packaging can be realized by the handheld printer at one time.

With the wide format features, the type of printer with a printing height up to 100mm, can perfectly meet large print on demand in your business, such as shipping logos in the logistics industry, clothes patterns in the apparel industry, packaging pictures in the retail industry and much more. In addition, the printer can print on wood, cloth, fabrics, carton box, plastic, glass and many more surfaces, so it also widely used in kinds of scenarios. 

  • Packaging and wrapping,
  • Logistic
  • Warehouse management
  • Construction
  • Advertising

The Most Recommended Portable Wide Format Handheld Printers

V4ink Bentsai B80 or B85 wide format handheld inkjet printer can greatly boost productivity. B80 and B85 can be used in production line for automated continuous printing by connecting to a conveyor belt and a photoelectric sensor, improve work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

What is the difference between v4ink Bentsai B80 and B85 printer?

The only difference between the two model is that B80 only prints on water absorbing surfaces such as carton, cardboard, cement, wood, fabric, plasterboard, fiberboard, etc. with water-based ink; while B85 can work with water-based ink or solvent quick dry ink to print on both absorbent and non- absorbent surfaces including plastic, PVC, glass, chinaware, aluminum foil, metal, concrete and many more.

Technical Parameters

Aside from the above-mentioned differences in printing materials and ink cartridges, B80 and B85 wide format handheld printer have the same appearance and function.

Printer ModelWide Format Inkjet Printer B80Wide Format Inkjet Printer B85
Machine Size239x182x117mm239x182x117mm
Machine Weight1.25KG/2.75LB(with battery)1.25KG/2.75LB(with battery)
Ink CartridgeWater-based (EB21s) inkWater-based (EB21s) inkSolvent fast dry (EB22s) ink
Printing MaterialPorous materialsPorous materialsNon-porous materials
Printing Height2.5-100mm2.5-100mm
Printer languageEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian and TurkishEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian and Turkish
Internal Storage8GB8GB
Battery capacity6000mAh6000mAh

Refillable Ink Feature

It is worth mentioning that the water-based ink used in the B80 and B85 is refillable. The B80 printer package contains a refill syringe and a pack of four 28ml black refill inks, so after the EB21B black water-based ink cartridge is used up, it can be refilled up to three times for continued use, allowing you reduce the cost of aqueous ink.

Article Source: https://shop.v4ink.com/blogs/news/why-are-portable-wide-format-handheld-inkjet-printers-recommended

FAQs for Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series Portable Printer

FAQs for Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series Portable Printer

Nowadays, more and more people use Bentsai portable printers. Not only are they portable, but they can print on almost any material, regardless of curved or flat, even or uneven surfaces, you can enjoy the convenience of printing anytime and anywhere.

Among Bentsai products, the most popular one is BT-HH6105 series printers. They are small and light, and the machine weight is only 450g. They can print QR code, date and any pictures for you, adding countless convenience to your life.

Today, let’s take a closer look at them through the following FAQs:

How many printer models are included in BENTSAI BT-HH6105 series handheld printer?

Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series incuding BT-HH6105B1, BT-HH6105B2 and BT-HH6105B3 three kinds of models.

What is the difference between different models in BT-HH6105 Series portable printer?

The BT-HH6105B1 can only use aqueous ink cartridge so that it only can print on water-absorbing surface. But the BT-HH6105B2 and BT-HH6105B3 is compatible with aqueous ink and fast dry ink. Thus the BT-HH6105B2 and  BT-HH6105B3 machine can print on any material surface. 

However, BT-HH6105B3 has a variable database printing function which allows you to print different codes, numbers or texts on your products for each print without stopping to set up the printer. This is the unique feature that BT-HH6105B1 and BT-HH6105B2 do not share.

What can Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series Portable Printer do?

They can print anything you want: Texts, numbers, Barcode, QR codes, logo, pictures, time, dates, time printing, group printing, counters, DIY logo, etc.

Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series Portable Printer can print on

They can print on anywhere you need:

BT-HH6105B1 can print on any water absorbing materials: wood, cloth, paper, fabric, carton, box, envelope, paper bag, plasterboard and fiberboard, etc.

BT-HH6105B2 and BT-HH6105B3 can print on any materials including:

Water-absorbing materials: wood, cloth, paper, fabric, carton, box, envelope, paper bag, plasterboard and fiberboard, etc.

Non-water absorbing materials: Plastic, glass, stone, aluminum, Chinaware, metal, and PVC, etc.

BT-HH6105B2 and BT-HH6105B3 can print on any materials

Can the Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series printer work while charging?

Yes, the machine can function normally under charging.

Can the Bentsai BT-HH6105 Seriesprinter print multiple colors?

No, the Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series portable printers only contain one cartridge slot and only support monochrome color printing. If you need to print a specific color, you need to buy a specific color ink cartridge and install it.

We provide 5 colors for aqueous ink cartridge that works with B1, B2, B3 coder printers, which is: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Green.

For solvent ink cartridge that works with B2 and B3 printers, there are 7 color options: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Green, White and Invisible (only visible under UV lights).

Which model of Bentsai BT-HH6105 Seriesis more worth buying?

More users choose B2 because it can use both aqueous ink cartridge and fast dry ink cartridge, and can print on most materials.

If you need to print different codes, numbers or texts on your products for each print without stopping to set up the printer, B3 is your best choice.

Does the Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series use the same ink cartridges?

No, B1 can only use aqueous ink cartridge: BT-2560N (Black) / BT-2561N (Cyan) / BT-2562N (Magenta) / BT-2563N (Yellow) / BT-2564N (Green).

B2 and B3 not only can use aqueous ink cartridges, but also use fast dry ink, which is BT-2580P (Black) / BT-2581P (Cyan) / BT-2582P (Magenta) / BT-2583P (Yellow) / BT-2584P (Green) / BT-2585P (White) / BT-2586P (Invisible).

Can Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series printer print onto uneven surfaces?

No problem. Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series printers are capable of printing on materials of all shapes and sizes. Plus, with quick-drying inks, you can print on curvedglass, plastic, or metal easily.

How to print production date with Bentsai BT-HH6105 series printer?

The following video shows you how to print production date with BENTSAI B2(BT-HH6105B2) handheld printer, let’s follow step by step:

BENTSAI B2(BT-HH6105B2) handheld printer

How to set up variable data printing?

In BENTSAI BT-HH6105 series, only Bentsai BT-HH6105B3 printer have a variable data printing function that allows you to print different codes, numbers or texts on your products for each print without stopping to set up the printer.

This video shows how to Set up Variable Data Printing / One Item One Code on  Bentsai BT-HH6105B3 Handheld Printer:

Bentsai BT-HH6105B3 Handheld Printer

If you find any further questions during using our Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series printer, please feel free to contact us by email:

If you find any further questions during using our Bentsai BT-HH6105 Series printer, please feel free to contact us by email: support@bentsaishop.com or join our Facebook Group to discuss with us.

Article Source: https://shop.v4ink.com/blogs/news/faqs-for-bentsai-bt-hh6105-series-portable-printer

Installation Guide of HP 05A/HP 05X Toner Cartridge

CE505X senario

HP 05A/HP 05X toner cartridge, same as CE505A /CE505X toner cartridge, is specially designed for the black-and-white printer. We received multiple questions from customers on the installation steps for our v4ink compatible toner cartridge. In this bite-size article, we are gonna zone in on the product application.

Product Specification

When it comes to the page yield, CE505X can produce more pages than CE505A. According to the test outcome, CE505A standard toner cartridge has 2700 pages, while CE505X high-yield toner cartridge has 6900 pages. Their printing performance won’t be influenced by the page amount as the quality will remain stable and outstanding. The test result adheres to 5% coverage/A4 paper standard.

05A/05X comparison

Compatible Printer Model

We may need your close attention to these printer models: HP Laserjet P2030, P2035, P2035N, P2050. Only CE505A toner is suitable to them.

Models for CE505A:

HP LaserJet P2030 P2035 P2035N P2050 P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Models for CE505X:

HP LaserJet P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Installation Guidelines

Just follow step by step:

1. Gently shake the toner cartridge horizontally to dispense the powder

2. Take away the protective cover and black paper.

3. Pull out the sealing tape entirely as the sign directed.

4. Place the cartridge into the printer’s compartment to finish installation.

CE505AX installation

*Warm tips for print quality:

  • Shaking the toner cartridge can prevent fade, uneven output.
  • Be reminded to remove all the protective parts prior to installation. Otherwise, printout will turn out to be a blank copy.
  • Handle the cartridge cautiously without touching the roller.

Life Circle

For the satisfactory printing outcome, we recommend to use the toner cartridge within 18 months. If opened and installed, the cartridge should be consumed as soon as possible lest the humidity and temperature around will impact the quality. Besides, storing the unopened cartridge in a dry and cool area is necessary for future use.

Article source: https://www.v4ink.com/Installation-Guide-of-HP-05A-HP-05X-Toner-Cartridge

How to install v4ink HP 85A CE285A Toner Cartridge

How to install hp 85a ce285a toner cartridge

HP 85A is a black toner cartridge, which is commonly used in HP LaserJet and LaserJet Pro series printers. It can provide you with highly professional printing documents without worrying about the cost of toner. It is an indispensable and perfect assistant in the office.

This guide will show you how to install the toner HP 85A. Just follow the steps provided below, and you will be able to skillfully replace and return your printer to normal use. Let’s follow the video step by step!

If the above video cannot be viewed, you can also follow the following steps:hp 85a

Before installing the HP 85A toner cartridge into the printer, please check whether all the sealing tape and protective cover are removed.ce285a toner

1. Open the front door of the machine.compatible 85a toner

2. Insert the HP 85A toner cartridge with the handle facing straight up (install the toner cartridge to the end until you hear a small click).hp 85a toner

3. Close the front door and now you can start to print.

Specifications of v4ink compatible HP 85A CartridgeSpecifications of v4ink compatible HP 85A Cartridge

What is the difference between v4ink HP 85A and OEM 85A?

Page Yield

V4ink hp 85a prints 2,000 pages per cartridge, while OEM 85A can only print 1,600 pages per cartridge. V4ink compatible CE285A prints 400 pages more than OEM one.

Compatible Printers

OEM 85A can only work with the following LaserJet Pro printers:

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer CE657A#BGJ

HP LaserJet Pro M1217nfw Multifunction Printer CE844A#BGJ

HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf Multifunction Printer CE841A#BGJ

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer CE658A#BGJ

V4ink compatible 85A can work with the following printers:

HP LaserJet Series: M1120, 1120n, M1522, M1522n, M1522nf, M1218, P1005, P1006, P1100, P1503, P1504, P1505, P1505n, P1606, P1002, P1003, P1004, P1007, P1008, P1009;

HP LaserJet Pro Series: M1130, M1134, M1137, M1138, M1139, M1214, M1219, P1102, P1102w, P1566, M1132, M1212nf, M1217nfw, P1560, P1600, M1136, M1210 MFP;

i-Sensys Series: MF4410, MF4430, MF4570, MF4420;

LBP Series: 3010, 3018, 3050, 3100, 3108, 3150, 3250, 6000, 6018, 6020, 6030, 6200.

Cost per page

 OEM HP 85A 1 Packv4ink HP 85A 1 Pack
Page Yield1600 Pages2000 Pages
Cost per Page4.99 Cents1.05 Cents

In conclusion, using v4ink compatible 85A toner cartridge will save your cost and get more printing pages than using OEM products.

If you have any further questions during using v4ink compatible 85A toner, please feel free to contact us by email: support_team@v4ink.com or join our Facebook group to get more details and promotion of our products.

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/How-to-install-v4ink-HP-85A-CE285A-Toner-Cartridge

How do v4ink Handheld Printers work in Food Packaging, Healthcare and Skincare Industry?

V4ink decided to enter into a new era by refreshing its own industry structure, stretching to handheld printer production sector.

Why we engage in that new product? It arouses the attention from the customers who run a small or medium enterprise, even an infant company, and are seeking a multitasking printer in their production line. Instead of applying a cumbersome and mediocre machine or single-functioned labeller, v4ink portable printers will make you better understand their potentials in different industries.

Food packaging

With the help of handheld printer, contents such as date code, logo, best before date, expire date, real time and net weight can be easily printed on the food packaging materials that are plastics, paper bag, carton and wooden box. Will the contents be removable? No. Unless you rub the contents with alcohol, they will stay the same in vivid color. Will the ink permeate the paper bag and get the food soaked? No. A few seconds is enough to get the printed contents dry.


At present, handheld printers are widely accepted in Healthcare industry. Printing batch code and barcode number orderly seems smarter than adjusting the digits manually and repeatedly. Just press the button on the handle, the ink will be printed out smoothly even on the round plastic bottle and foil.


For your beauty brand or skincare brand product, the regular packing materials like Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polypropylene Plastic (PP), glass as well as metal have been taken into account. The premium ink formulas enable the printed contents much more adhesive to a label or the container. When using the handheld printer, you can create customized slogans or upload your well-designed logo in a picture format which makes the product looks stylish and personalized.

Warm tips for buyers

Before you place an order, please read the product information carefully. The function and printing materials will depend on models (Handheld printer and ink cartridge). If you are not sure about which one satisfies your demand, please get in touch with us directly.

Article source: https://shop.v4ink.com/blogs/news/how-do-v4ink-handheld-printers-work-in-food-packaging-healthcare-and-skincare-industry

How to install Brother TN450/TN420 toner cartridge?

Brother TN450 toner cartridge is widely compatible with Brother famous laser printers: DHL series, HL series, MFC series. Read this guide and you will learn how to install the TN450 cartridge in your Brother printer and get TN450 information.

Brother TN450/TN420 Toner Cartridges at a Glance

Brother TN-450 and Brother TN-420 have the size, so they are interchangeable and fit the same Brother printer models. But TN420 cartridge contains less toner than TN450 cartridge, which is the high-capacity version of Brother TN420. It can print 2600 pages, while the standard-capacity version only can print up to 1200 pages based on 5% coverage of A4 letter. If you need to print frequently, we recommend purchasing TN-450 high-yield toner cartridge, which is more cost-effective.

It is worth mentioning that TN420 or TN450 has to be inserted into the slot of DR420 drum unit before being installed into the printer, which means TN-420 standard-yield cartridge and TN-450 high-yield cartridge must to work together with DR-420 drum unit. And the drum can print 12000 pages and lasts longer than the cartridge.

How often should TN450 cartridge be replaced?

Generally speaking, it depends on the amount of the toner and your print volume. Users typically replace the TN-450 high-yield toner cartridge every 3-4 months, but users who print heavily need more frequent replacements.

And printer will let you know when the cartridge or the drum unit needs to be replaced. If the printer prompts “replace toner” message, the TN450 toner cartridge is time to be replaced. And when the printer prompts “drum replace”, the DR420 drum unit needs to be replaced.

How to replace TN450 toner cartridge?

You can install the cartridge into the following suitable printer models:

DCP-7060, DCP-7060D, DCP-7065DN, DCP-7070DW, DCP-7055, DCP-7057, DCP-7055W

HL-2130, HL-2132, HL-2220, HL-2230, HL-2240, HL-2240D, HL-2242D, HL-2250, HL-2250DN, HL-2270DW, HL-2280DW, HL-2275DW, HL-2135W, HL-2240N

MFC-7360, MFC-7360N, MFC-7460, MFC-7460DN, MFC-7860DW, MFC-7240, MFC-7365DN, MFC-7460N

FAX-2840, FAX-2940: IntelliFax 2840, IntelliFax 2940

It only takes three steps to put the cartridge into the printer, and this installation guide can apply to TN420 cartridge and DR420 drum unit.

Step 1: Gently shake the TN450/TN420 5-6 times, and remove the plastic protective housing.

Step 2: Put the cartridge into the correct slot of DR420 drum unit.

Step 3: Slide the tap on the top of drum unit 3-5 times to clear the corona wire.

v4ink TN450 compatible toner cartridge

How to reset TN450 toner cartridge?

If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to the expensive original TN-450 toner cartridge, we recommend v4ink compatible TN450 high yield toner cartridge. It costs 78% less than the original cartridge with the same page capacity and is proven to deliver the same high-quality prints you need.

When the printer asks you to “Replace Toner” after installing the new TN450 cartridge, you can reset the cartridge by following the simple steps in the video.

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/How-to-install-Brother-TN450-toner-cartridge

Canon Printer Cartridge Purchase Guide

Canon Printer Cartridge Purchase Guide

If you are using a new printer for the first time, you may not know which cartridge your printer uses. Never mind, through this guide, we will lead you closer to the printer and take canon printer as an example to analyze how to select the appropriate ink cartridge and help you find the best price alternative ink cartridge. Let’s jump in!

How do you know which cartridge your printer uses?

Each printer has a specific series of printer cartridges for printing. The printer cartridge series is identified by the printer brand name, followed by the cartridge number. For example, Canon uses Canon PG-260 and CLl-261 ink cartridge series.

1. The easiest way to find out which cartridges are suitable for your printer is to open the printer and check which cartridges are currently in the machine.

2. If there is no ink cartridge inside the printer, you can search the printer model on the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer page of your printer should contain a list of compatible cartridges. You can also search the printer model on v4ink.com, the compatible cartridges will list on the page.

3. You can also refer to the printer user’s guide attached to the machine to confirm the cartridge series.

Standard yield vs. High yield

After you know what series cartridge is compatible for your printer, you will find that they have many different capacities. Common cartridge capacities are divided into standard yield, high yield and extra high yield cartridge.

As the name suggests, different capacities of ink cartridges mean they contain different amounts of ink. Compared with high yield and extra-high yield cartridges, standard yield cartridges have less ink, that is, they can print fewer pages, but their price is usually relatively low. For users who don’t print often, it makes sense to spend less money on standard yield cartridges. But if you print more, it’s more cost-effective to choose high yield version. Because they can usually provide you with 2-3 times the number of printed pages of the standard yield cartridge, but the price is generally not higher than 2 times of the standard cartridge. The extra-high yield option is not common. It has more ink than high yield cartridge. In short, ink cartridges of different capacities have their applicable groups. Before buying ink cartridges, you need to consider according to your actual needs. If you are not sure about your printing capacity, it is recommended to choose standard capacity ink cartridges as a try.

  • How to identify standard yield and high yield cartridge:

Most of Canon ink cartridge models have standard and high yield version, and some contain extra-high option. How to distinguish them? The high yield version usually carries “XL” more than the end of the standard cartridge, while extra-high yield version usually carried “XXL”. Let’s take a look at the following examples:

Canon PG-260 Black ink cartridges only have standard yield and high yield options:

  • Standard yield: Canon PG-260 Black, Prints 180 pages
  • High yield: Canon PG-260XL Black, Prints 400 pages

Canon PG-250 Black ink cartridges have standard, high yield and extra high yield options:

  • Standard yield: Canon PG-250, Prints 300 pages
  • High yield: Canon PG-250XL, Prints 500 pages
  • Extra-High yield: Canon PG-250XXL, Prints 800 pages

Individual cartridge vs. Tri-color cartridge

When purchasing Canon ink cartridges, you will also find that some printers need to be used with multiple cartridges, while others only need to be used with two cartridges. Some color cartridges are individual, while some cartridges contain multiple colors. How should I choose?

  • Individual ink cartridge

This means an ink cartridge only contains one kind of color. Generally, all of the black ink cartridges are individual ink cartridges, and some series of color ink cartridges are individual ink cartridges, such as Canon CLI-251XL, CLI-270XL, CLI-281XXL, etc.

  • Tri-color ink cartridge

This means an ink cartridge contains 3 kinds of colors, it usually contains cyan, yellow and magenta in one cartridge. Such as Canon CL-261XL, CL-246XL, CL-210XL, etc.

The individual ink cartridge is more flexible than the tri-color ink cartridge. Once one of the colors is used up, you only need to change that ink cartridge. However, for tri-color ink cartridge, once one color is used up, you need to replace the whole a tri-color ink cartridge. This means you may have to throw away a cartridge when two colors are still available.

Before you buy an ink cartridge, you can open the inside of your printer to check the slot of the printer. If there are only two slots, it means that the ink cartridge you need to buy is a black and a tri-color ink cartridge. If there are more than 4 slots, it means that the ink cartridge you need to buy is individual ink cartridges.

PG / PGI vs. CL / CLI

If you observe carefully, you will notice that most Canon ink cartridges begin with “PG” and “CL”, as well as “PGI” and “CLI”. What do they mean?

In fact, Canon uses these words to mark their different types of cartridges. “PG” and “PGI” are similar. Both represent that the ink cartridge is filled with pigment based ink, which is very suitable for printing text. This cartridge is usually larger than the “CL” / “CLI” cartridge because Canon knows that most consumers print more documents than color pages. Pigment inks are often more resistant to water and UV than dye-based inks, and can resist fading for up to 200 years.

“CL” is similar to “CLI” and stands for ChromaLife, a term created by canon to mark its dye-based ink. Dye-based ink can print right, vibrant colors, which is very suitable for photo printing. They are more economical than pigment  based ink cartridges, but they get dirty easily.

“PG” ink cartridges usually need to be used together with “CL” ink cartridges (like, PG-260XL and CL-261XL), while “PGI” ink cartridges usually need to be used together with “CLI” cartridges (like, PGI-280XXL and CLI-281XXL). They complement each other and can provide you with professional black-and-white text and colorful pictures.

Original vs. Non-Original

Before buying Canon ink cartridges, you must be most concerned about the price. You will find that the same model of ink cartridges have different prices. What causes the difference in their prices?

Their main difference comes from whether they are original or non-original.

  • Original product

Original ink cartridges are usually expensive because they are made by original printer manufacturers. Original printer manufacturers don’t mind selling their printers at a lower price because they know you have to buy their cartridges for a long time to keep the printer working. Therefore, they will put the profit opportunity on the ink cartridge.

  • Non-original products

Non-original ink cartridges usually include new compatible ink cartridges and remanufactured ink cartridges.

New compatible ink cartridge are brand new and produced by a third-party manufacturer, all its parts are new. It may look different from the original ink cartridge, but it is perfectly compatible with your printer. They usually have the same print volume as the original product, but the price is only half of the original product.

Remanufactured ink cartridges are through recycling original ink cartridge, then cleaning it up, removing the damaged parts and replacing with the new parts, refilling with the new ink and through a strict test to make them reused again. Remanufactured ink cartridges are usually cheaper than original ink cartridges, and their appearance is basically the same as that of original ink cartridges, so they can be perfectly compatible with your printer. In addition, purchasing remanufactured ink cartridges is also better for the environment and can prevent one less ink cartridge from entering the landfill.

To sum up, choosing compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges can save you more money. Choosing a good brand, such as v4ink, can provide you with the best price without sacrificing product quality. V4ink products are auto-produced strictly under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 STMC standards to ensure that each product is 100% compatible with your printer and provide you with excellent printing effects. Using non-original ink cartridge can save you a lot in the long term.

If you have another question during purchasing Canon printer cartridges, please feel free to contact us with support_team@v4ink.com. Hope this guide can help you!

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/Canon-Printer-Cartridge-Purchase-Guide

Installation Guidelines of HP 80A/HP 80X Toner Cartridge

CF280X scenario

HP 80A/HP 80X toner cartridge, known as CF280A/CF280X toner cartridge is one of our best collection for Monochrome black-and white printer. Their quality printing performance impresses the printer users with their high efficiency, durability and standard color calibration.


As you may notice, both CF280A and CF280X toner cartridge can be applied into some same printer models. What’s the distinction? Any difference in their function? CF280X is a high-yield version compared with CF280A general version. CF280X is able to achieve in yielding 6900 pages, while CF280A can produce 2700 pages. Their listed page amount depends on the test criteria: 5% coverage on each A4 paper. Do they print out the exact pages as advertised? Beware that the actual amount ought to be referred to the contents you attempt to print.

Specification CF280

Printer List:

Printers for CF280A toner:

HP Pro 400 M401 M401a M401d M401dn, M401dne, M401dw, M401n; HP Pro 400 MFP M425dn M425dw Printer.

Printers for CF280X toner:

HP P2050 P2055 P2055d P2055dn P2055x; HP Pro 400 M401 M401a M401d M401dn, M401dne, M401dw, M401n; HP Pro 400 MFP M425dn M425dw Printer.

Note: Besides the toner volume, there are a few models such as HP P2050 P2055 P2055d P2055dn P2055x that only CF280X can fit in. Just double-check the printer model prior to purchase.

Installation Video

*Friendly reminder:

  1. Gently shaking the toner cartridge from side to side before installation will improve the printing quality.
  2. Blank pages will come out if you don’t pull out the protective seal tape from the toner cartridge before installation
  3. DO NOT touch the BLUE roller part.


Keep the toner cartridge in a moderately dry and cool place. Once the cartridge is opened, please use the toner cartridge regularly lest the toner powder get clogged, which affects the printing result.

Article source: https://www.v4ink.com/Installation-Guidelines-of-HP-80A-HP-80X-Toner-Cartridge

Brother TN450/TN420 vs DR420, what is the difference?

Brother TN450 and DR420

For Brother printers, toner cartridges and drum units need to work together to print and are purchased separately, which easily lead to you purchase the wrong model. In this article, taking the TN450 and DR420 as examples, I will show you the difference between the toner cartridges and drum units.

An Overview of Brother Toner Cartridges and Drum Units

Toner cartridges

The toner cartridge contains powder for printing text and images, and powder (toner) volume determines the yield of the cartridge, so the toner can be offered in a different yield cartridge size. Brother TN450 is the high-yield version of TN420, and the difference between them is that TN450 can print more pages.

Drum units

The drum is a shelf that holds the cartridge and then prints clear and vivid text and images by fixing the toner of the cartridge to paper. A drum unit lasts longer than a toner cartridge. The cartridge is replaced first, and the drum usually needs to be replaced after 3-5 cartridges are used up.

(Toner + Drum) Compo Pack

A toner cartridge is combined with a drum unit as a unit in your printer, so there are specific Brother Toners that are designed to fit into specific Brother Drums such as, TN450 with DR420, TN760 with DR730, and TN750 with DR720. They cannot be mixed, otherwise the size does not match and cannot be printed.

Brother tn450 cartridge and dr420 drum

What is the difference between DR420 and TN450/TN420?

DR420 is a drum unit but TN450 and TN420 are toner cartridges. Brother DR420 like a shelf to support tn450 or tn420 cartridge, and Brother TN450 and TN420 contains toner to create printouts. We know that TN450 cartridges can print more than TN420 cartridges, but DR420 drum units have higher page yields.

Consumable ModelTN420TN450DR420
TypeToner cartridgeToner cartridgeDrum unit
Packing Quantity1 pack1 pack1 pack
Page Yield1200 pages2600 pages12000 pages
Original Price$39.98$58.49$104.99
v4ink Price/$19.99$25.99
Shelf Life24-36 Months24-36 Months24-36 Months

You can see that DR420 drum has longer service time than TN420 and TN450 toner cartridges because the page yield of the DR420 is almost 5 times of the TN450 and 10 times of the TN420.

But you will find that the original cartridge and the drum are expensive to be replaced. At this time, you can consider v4ink compatible TN450 cartridge and DR420 drum unit. They have same print yield but cost a lot less, so that v4ink doesn’t need to sell standard yield TN420 toner. V4ink products are precisely designed to deliver clear and crisp printing result to satisfy your every need for an amazing range of colors experience.

v4ink tn450 cartridge and dr420 drum unit

When do the TN450 and DR420 need to be replaced?

If the printer prompts “replace toner” or the prints are gradually fading, you need to prepare a new TN450 toner cartridge. If blank spaces or streaks in printing, or the printer prompts “drum replace”, the DR420 drum unit needs to be replaced.

Hope these information can help you better understand TN420 / TN450 toner cartridges and DR730 drum unit. If you have any questions about them, please contact us by email: support_ team@v4ink.com.

Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/Brother-TN450-vs-DR420-what-is-the-difference

The Difference between CE505A and CE505X Toner Cartridge


CE505A and CE505X, as our v4ink best collection, still perplex green hands for their difference. This article is about to ease your concerns when selecting the best working partner.


To calculate the page yield, we will ensure each A4 printout will be covered 5% contents. The test referred to the industrial standard.

How do you define “A” and “X”?

A means standard toner level, whereas X denotes higher toner level. That is to say, CE505X will produce more pages than CE505A. This characteristic is applicable for other HP toner models with the same letter. Based on the circumspect test standard (5% coverage per A4 printout), v4ink CE505A toner is able to yield out 2700 pages, and CE505X can run 6900 pages. The specific page amount and the toner consumption will vary for the contents that users intend to print.

Compatible Printer List

Aside from a few models such as HP Laserjet P2030, P2035, P2035N, P2050, other models shown as follows can apply both of them. 

Printer List for CE505A:

HP LaserJet P2030 P2035 P2035N P2050 P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Printer List for CE505X:

HP LaserJet P2055D P2055DN P2055X

HP LaserJet Pro 400 M401 M401A M401N M401D M401DN M401DNE M401DW

HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425 M425DN M425DW

Price Difference

A clear price difference can help you win more pages. See below chart and you will know which product is much more preferential.


Application Steps

In installation section, it’s easy to operate with 4 steps. Be aware that protective materials will cause malfunction on detection, so please do remember to take off all of them before inserting CE505A or CE505X toner cartridge into the machine.



Under stringent screening procedure, v4ink toner cartridges impress the customers with their superb working performance. Both CE505A and CE505X satisfy your need on a crispy table, sharp text, and standard black-and-white copy. V4ink stands behind our customers to provide 2-year reassuring warranty and supportive customer service.


Article Source: https://www.v4ink.com/The-Difference-between-CE505A-and-CE505X-Toner-Cartridge