All You Need is Compatible Toner Cartridge

I believe that many people have heard of, including computers, mobile phones, many have compatible consumables, for the copier there are compatible consumables, for the copier compatible consumables, praise and criticism vary, the evaluation of all parties are also different.

For customers who buy photocopiers, it is too expensive to buy the original consumables. Nowadays, the price of the original consumables from the regular original manufacturers is very expensive. Many customers can not afford to use them. But if compatible consumables are used, the so-called compatible consumables will not be compatible with their machines at all, which will do harm to the machines. Definitely, when using the original consumables nothing, use compatible consumables will always be broken, their own machine is always repaired, not a few days on the bad, who is distressed.

For the original consumables manufacturer: compatible consumables is to seize the market, the market now a lot of compatible consumables, second-hand consumables, which for the original consumables market must have caused a shock, and because the price of compatible consumables is cheap, many customers will choose compatible consumables, even if it is not easy to use, but cheap. Many customers will choose compatible consumables in order to save money, and the original consumables manufacturer’s business will naturally be poor.

For the customers who rent the copier, they will definitely choose the original consumables first, because the rental price in this province is much cheaper than the purchase price. Even if the renter chooses the original consumables price higher than the use of compatible consumables price, but also not higher than the purchase, so as far as possible will not choose compatible consumables. Leaseholder.

For a copying machine tenant, the choice of original consumables is certainly good for his machine, and although the choice of original consumables will be a little more expensive, but the damage to the machine will be greatly reduced, reducing the number of maintenance, saving a lot of labor costs, most of the tenants will still use domestic consumables on some machines. Because the rental price is low, the use of original consumables will result in loss, so will choose domestic consumables, reduce the cost of enterprises.

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