Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday still Continue

The anticipated Black Friday shopping Carnival has come to an end, and the real online shopping Carnival has just begun. After Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday, value-added discounts come in succession, a little inattention may miss the best price.

V4ink Cyber Monday

For compatible consumables brand such as V4ink, Black Friday may not be its peak selling period, so sales did not soar too much on Black Friday. For this phenomenon, V4ink is obvious. They put more emphasis on Cyber Monday. What are the highlights of V4ink’s Cyber Monday? If you miss V4ink’s Black Friday, don’t miss their Cyber Monday. Comparing with the high discount on Black Friday and the high threshold, Cyber Monday is almost zero threshold. If you buy any V4ink product and use the discount code: CYBER15, you can get 15% OFF and free shipping. Even if you buy only one TN660 for $13.99 or a CF410A for $27.99, you can enjoy the discount. This is an excellent time to buy for a small number of users or new users who just know the brand of V4ink.

Duration of V4ink Cyber Monday

Unlike many businesses, many businesses have a one-day event on Monday. But V4ink gives users five days to fully enjoy the 15% off discount, allowing you to slowly select the right product without strict time constraints. If you don’t think Black Friday is enough, then Cyber Monday will be another good opportunity for you to buy. Preferential activities are up to November 30. Although there are five days in total, if we don’t grasp it, chances will soon be lost.

What other activities are worth looking forward to in December?

At the end of another year, it is necessary to give back to the members. Christmas and New Year are coming in December. But there is still some time to go. In order to keep members mysterious, V4ink has not disclosed much. If you want to know what activities and new discounts V4ink will have, please pay attention to our blog.

V4ink Black Friday Sale has Started, Check Your Shopping List Right Now

As we all know, Black Friday is well known as the most popular sales promotion season in the year, seller will provide the lowest price of products in the Black Friday Season. In order to give users more time to choose their favorite products and avoid conflict with offline promotion on Black Friday, on November 19th, V4ink Black Friday big sale has begin. You can save up to $140 off on all ink and toner cartridges. Also, for specified products there are up to 70% off. This matter should not be delayed. let’s see what products are on sale. Are these discount items in your shopping list?

If you using Hp Color LaserJet Pro M452 or Hp Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477 series printer, it will be a good time for you to stock up. Since the Hp 410x high yield toner cartridges 4 color set are on sale, you can save 30% OFF when you using the coupon code: V4BF30. Yes, you just need to pay $79.09 then you can get 1 black, 1 cyan, 1 yellow and 1 magenta toner cartridge, which even cheaper than the low yield CF410A 4 color set. Of course, only during the Black Friday period will there be such a favorable price. Blink and you’ll miss it, add to your shopping cart and checkout quickly.

There also a good news for customer who used TN660 toner cartridges. TN660 is the best selling products of V4ink, so V4ink has also prepared a very attractive discount for users. 15% OFF for TN660+DR630 4 pieces combo pack. You can buy 4 products at a price as low as $35.69, including 1 drum unit and 3 toner cartridges. If the printing volume is not much, it can use 2-3 months. If the printing volume is large, buy a few sets will be more affordable.

During the period of Black Friday Season, there were 12 products with significant discounts on V4ink website. The maximum discount of 052h was up to 70%. There were also many popular models, such as CF226X and CF400X, which were as low as 20%-30% off.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find the right model in these 12 products. V4ink still have a large discount waiting for you. If your company or your family are using several different types of printers, this is a good time to stock up.

V4ink offers three large full discounts of save $20 off $99 by using the coupon code: V4INKBF20, save $70 off $299 by using the coupon code: V4INKBF70 and save $140 off $499 by using the coupon code: V4INKBF14. These three discounts are used for any products for storewide. The more you buy, the more you save.

Tips for Thanksgiving Shopping and Black Friday Shopping Strategy 2018

The Halloween sale has just passed, I believe you must have harvested a lot. In November, a big shopping season after Thanksgiving day – “Black Friday” is also about to start. So in the this November shopping season, what should we pay attention to when shopping? Let V4ink bring you the 2018 Black Friday shopping strategy.

Online shopping or offline store purchase?
First of all, online shopping. Actually, Thanksgiving promotion has already started since early November. If you have registered members on some official websites or shopping malls, the activity content will be sent to you by email. Even if there are no registered members, don’t worry. Every website activity can be directly inquired, as long as you pay attention to it frequently.
Compared with the offline stores, online shopping must be more convenient. When shopping, prices can also be compared. The most important thing is that online order is more convenient than offline stores purchase. But according to past experience, the discount rate of offline store may be higher than that of online shopping, so in the early morning of Black Friday, many consumers queued up to rush into stores.
About offline stores rush to buy, we must make adequate preparations, advance the official website to inquire about the price. If the price difference is not very large, or the purchase is not much, it is not recommended to purchase on the offline store. On the night of Black Friday, many people even queued up outside the store with tents in order to grab their favorite goods for the first time. After Black Friday, many stores will sort out the goods that have not been snapped up, and then put them in the online shopping activities on Monday to continue to promote, so it is not necessary to rush to buy.

Identify what you need to buy.
Never buy simply because it is cheap, and figure out what you need to buy. If it is purchasing household goods for the family, then we must make a good budget, list the things we need to buy, don’t go to the mall to see what is cheap to buy. Although most businessmen can return their goods, it is really unnecessary to make another trip. Especially many shopping malls are relatively remote. It is really impossible to catch up with the time and fuel cost for returning goods.
Before preparing for Black Friday to clean up goods, it is recommended to check the activities of the nearby shopping malls first. Assuming it’s something you’ve wanted for a long time, you’ll have to check the previous price for comparison with Black Friday’s price.

Will Black Friday be more favorable on that day?
Not entirely, many electrical appliances are worth to purchase on Black Friday, but some products, such as official supplies, do not have to rush to buy on the same day. Many stores have already launched quite attractive discounts and gift bags before Black Friday. For example, V4ink have launching a pre-Black Friday Sale on November 8, you can save $10 when you order over $60 on all ink and toner cartridges by using the coupon code: V4PREB5. Also, you can get special discount for specified product, e.g HP 410X which have 30% OFF for 4 color set. It’s the cheapest price throughout the year.
Therefore, suggestions do not have to wait until Black Friday, if you find that the desired product has a suitable price, then you must start as soon as possible, hot products must start quickly, minute out of stock rhythm, and businessmen will never launch the same preferential activities twice during Thanksgiving.
Of course, black Friday discounts should also be categorized. If it is electronic products, household products or infant goods, it is indeed the key target of the Black Friday.
Generally speaking, the department stores on the Black Friday promoted almost every aspect of life. But in fact, besides Black Friday, there are promotions on many holidays in the United States. For example, Cyber Monday is also a good choice if you still haven’t bought enough.

V4ink Halloween Promotion Starts NOW, Turns on Your Shopping Carnival

V4ink’s Halloween promotion carnival 2018 began on October 22. V4ink has prepare a special Halloween products list for you. If you don’t want to miss this special holiday discounts. Please keep read on!

New Products Up to 30% OFF
As we all know, V4ink is always famous for its high quality and new product release take the leads of other compatible consumables brands. In recent years, V4ink has introduced CF500A/X, CF510A/X, CF230A/X, TN760 no chip version and TN760 chip version. Since the launch of these new products, with high quality printing effect and affordable prices, V4ink have won a part of the stable consumer population.

During this Halloween, V4ink launching a big promotion for their new product which up to 30% OFF.

For example: the HP 204A CF510A Black Compatible Toner Cartridge which original price is $39.99, after discount it only cost $27.99. You can save $12.00 per cartridge by using the 30% off coupon code: V4OCT30P.

Hot Sales Products Up to 70% OFF
V4ink’s hot selling products (mainly black toner products) have been the top on Amazon. For example, TN660, TN450. This year, V4ink has added a number of bright models, such as the Hp 410x. In the past, V4ink gave people the feeling that selling black toner cartridge, but it is not, V4ink color toner cartridge performance is also excellent. Today, sales of color toner cartridge have been chasing black toner cartridge and becoming the top five in the list.

The representative of color toner cartridge HP 410X (CF410X CF411X CF412X CF413X) Compatible Toner Cartridge Set, High Yield, 4 Pack which original price is $112.99, only cost $79.09 after using the Halloween coupon code: V4OCT30P. Here is your best chance to try our hot sale products.

Besides, the Canon 052H Black Compatible Toner Cartridge which have great print quality and reliable performance for fast, professional quality color printing only cost $35.91 after using the 70% OFF discount code: V4OCT70P. You can savings more than $83.78 per cartridge.

General Discounts for Storewide Up to 18% OFF
Halloween is a day of celebration, Therefore, V4ink have also prepare a 18% OFF discount (code: PUMPKIN) for all V4ink members, so all of you can get a high discount for any model you want. Just enjoy this Halloween carnival without any trick and just enjoy the treat!

How to make an unforgettable Halloween for child by a printer?

Before preparing for a Halloween party, first of all, as a protagonist, you must be surprised and pleased to be on the stage. Think about who you are playing Halloween this year, witch. Vampire? Or do you wear red lips and blue nose to make a Halloween clown? Whimsy sometimes seems to be embarrassed in front of cost. Don’t worry, this year’s Halloween, you just need to prepare a printer and a V4ink compatible toner cartridge, you and your children can create an unforgettable surprise!

Making Halloween masks
You just need to download your favorite mask or other Halloween party decorations from the Internet, load the V4ink toner cartridge into your printer in advance, and print it out through your printer. V4ink understands your needs in particular. From Oct. 22 to Oct. 31, they hold a 18% OFF activity in the whole store. All we need is a discount code: PUMPKIN, and you can enjoy the discount and free shipping. Even a 4-Pack HP 201X color set only $63.95 after discount. So you don’t have to worry about the cost of printing too much in preparation. Just print out the pictures you want and enjoy Halloween.

Making Halloween pumpkin lantern
When Halloween comes, children can’t wait to put on colorful costumes, wear strange masks, carry pumpkin made of “Jack Lamp” to run from house to house, asking adults for holiday gifts.
Although it’s unlikely that we’ll play trick or treat pranks with pumpkin lanterns, a delicate pumpkin lantern will definitely enhance the festive atmosphere of Halloween Party. You can search on the Internet and download the pumpkin lamp material, put the V4ink toner cartridge into your printer in advance, through the printer will print out the Halloween pumpkin lamp three-dimensional paper model, low cost, easy to make, hands-on, a three-dimensional pumpkin lamp on the success! You can also bring your children together to create, both to enhance parent-child relationship, but also to enjoy the fun of DIY.

Making little Halloween gifts
A perfect Halloween party, in addition to colorful decorations and interesting interactive games, of course, there are all kinds of intimate Halloween gifts around. Ritual is not important, but diligently. How to make small gifts on Party not expensive and full of novelty and creativity? You only need a printer and V4ink compatible tonere cartridge.

Preload V4ink compatible toner cartridge into your printer, download Halloween-themed stickers and all sorts of weird cards, print them out through the printer, and put pictures of you and your friends on the spot in Party, interesting and innovative! After Party, you can also use a printer to print out the wonderful moments of the day, making DIY stickers, calendars, postcards, mobile phone shells and other products, and share happy memories with good friends!

V4ink printer toner 100% compatible with your printer height restore the color of the pixels, easy to install, as long as you install into the printer, you can print cute paper mask, pumpkin lamp paper mold and even a variety of interesting decorative material, is really convenient and economical. If you want this Halloween to be more meaningful? What are you waiting for? Let’s go to V4ink and choose the right compatible toner cartridges.

Catch Out This Labor Day and Late Summer Savings

Labor Day is also is a big day in the United States. It is held on the first Monday of September. It is a three-day holiday on the weekend. Naturally, Americans take the last long summer vacation, travel with their families, party, outdoor sports and so on.

Labor Day is not just the day off from work or school each September that signals the end of summer. It’s also a day we take as a country to celebrate our nation’s workers. Of course, many people take advantage of these days to shop online.

When does Labor Day promotion start?

It was just the Back-to-School season that students and teachers begin preparing for school supplies. So many businesses have launched Labor Day promotions a week ahead of schedule. V4ink, one of North America’s most popular online supplier for compatible ink and toner cartridge, began preparing for the back to school season in early August. Provided a special discount for black toner cartridge and color toner cartridge for different customer. Customer can get 10% OFF discount on black toner cartridge and 15% OFF discount on color toner cartridge.

In addition, on the eve of labor day, V4ink launched the Labor Day promotion in August 27th. Provide FREE shipping + 15% OFF for whole store products. Users can have enough time to choose products before Labor Day so that they can enjoy their holidays.

What products are worth buying?

HP 131A (CF210A CF211A CF212A CF213A) Compatible Toner Set – 4 Pack which is 100% match to your printer and only half of the OEM toner cartridge price. The original price is $56.99. If you purchase the item on the Labor Day Sales, you can save $8.55. Of course, the other toner models are also very affordable. You can find more detail and discount information on the V4ink official website.

How are your office supplies and school supplies ready for school? If you are not ready, hurry up and catch the tail of the back to school season promotion and labor day sales, Start shopping now!

Valentine’s Day Wish – Buy Best Toner Cartridges Only for You Love

Romantic Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Do you prepare some surprises for your loved? Sometimes, love someone, we always want to give him the best, and hope him always happy. For each other, this is what we always need. Put yourself in your shoes to think about the loved person, solve the problem and make her happy, and that’s what we more need to do. Think about it another way: Help him/her solve some of the annoying things in his daily life, perhaps it’s the best and most practical gift for him/her.

V4INK valentine's CODE

Think about whether your loved people are in the troubles of lower productivity because of the worse printer consumables, which print color cast and make him or her angry. The worst thing is maybe you have no any idea to help him out. Don’t be worried, you can try to give him the biggest supports by using the follow methods!

The solution to make full use of your money: q2612A toner 2-pack just costs $14.99!

v4ink q2612a toner codeq2612a code

how to use toner q2612a code

(43% off Q2612A coupon code: VALENPRO2)

Hoping to save more money and not make your lovers feel you extravagance and waste the money? Check out our best deal- q2612a. The quality of the toner from our V4ink is unbeatable. Importantly, the price of our compatible printer toner is most cost-effective. Cheap price and stable printing quality, our laser toner can help you save more and help your lovers to create the same benefits. Though the selling price is inexpensive, it’s the thought that counts. If your lovers are specifically searching for the q2612A toner with reliable quality assurance, now it’s the golden time for you to show yourself. No printing issue, undoubted print quality, convincing customer service, the best V4ink product is certainly worth preparing for your lover!

The solution to high-yield printing: cf226x toner. 2-pack only costs $75.99!

v4ink toner cf226x codehow to use cf226x code

how to buy cheap toner cf226x

(36% OFF CF226X Coupon Code: VALENPRO3)

If you loved person is looking for high-yield toner cartridges for busying working, now that such cf226x toner comes with 9000 page yields can greatly meet his print demands. Our laser toners are exactly compatible with the HP printer and help to print possible pages. Certainly, if your boyfriend or girlfriend works for financial service, such high-volume cartridges will greatly solve the problem for large-volume printing job, and greatly reduce him or her stress. Awesome replacement for the HP originals, if you hope to make your lovers not brow wrinkled because of the inefficient printing, switch to our toners for him!

The solution to color printing: cf410x toner. 4-pack only costs $122.99!

cf410x valentine code

how to buy cheap cf410x toner

(28% OFF CF410X Coupon Code: VALENPRO4)

If your lovers are photographers and he/she need to get high-definition beautiful pictures by the use of HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn, our cf410x toner is definitely preferred. Although the HP printer recognizes the cartridges as non HP version, it accepted them with no problem. This toner cartridge is guaranteed to work flawlessly in HP printer. Output is as high-quality as the original toner. Best of all, the printer will never not gripe about non-genuine toner when this is installed. When it’s time to replace the color toners, our brand cf410a toner and the service will always be worth buying again.

There are many other types of printer toner cartridges to participate in our discount activities. Get into our active page to get the most appropriate print consumables. The activity starts from 2018.2.1 to 2018.2.16! The gift is trifling but the feeling is profound. In order for your lover to stop suffering from poor quality printing consumables, find out the most efficient solution for you lover, make your lover happy, more importantly, let him or her feel the love from you.

Activities entrance

2018 New Year Celebration: Buy Additional 1-Pack Toner Only Pay Extra $0.01!

Have you made a new wish for the 2018 New Year? Have you hope to buy yourself a big house or plan to travel around the world? Or you just want to earn and save even more money for a better life? In order to make you more achieve your dreams, with less money to and enjoy better print quality and a higher quality of life, we have launched the large-scale New Year activities for you. Only pay extra cost $0.01, you can get 1 pack toner! This activity takes effect now and ends on 2018.1.31! Come to check out the rules of the buying games!

$0.01 toner cartridgesDuring the activity, you need to buy 4 packs and additional 1pack toner at the same time, then you can enjoy the big discounts by the use of the specialized code! There are four kinds of involved in this activity: tn660, tn450, ce285a, cf283a. We believe there is always a suitable product for you here!

1. Greatest value tn660 and tn450 toner

As our V4ink top and most hot-sales compatible toners, the popularity of these laser toners are self-evident. If you are our old customers, we sure you must be impressive by their stable compatibility and incredible print results. Also, the initial purpose of our superior toners is not only to allow you to enjoy the excellent printing like OEM, but also to provide the lowest price you can afford. It’s obvious to all that our compatible Brother toner always your best option for printing, regardless of page yields or printing performance. And through this activity you can afford another toner for $0.01 on the basis of purchasing our 4-pack toner at the same time.  Only costing $0.01, you can save even big from the investment on our compatible tn660 and tn450 toner!

  • The discount of Brother TN660 Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

5 pack tn660

( TN660 Code: V4HOT660 )


  • The discount of Brother TN450 Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

( TN450 Code: V4HOT450 )


2. Niche but practical, HP ce285a and HP cf283 Toner

Although our ce285a toner and compatible cf283 are not as popular as the formers, we are proud of their outstanding performance and the profound impact they have had on their customers. If you have ever used these two products, we believe you will never be disappointed. These two cartridges have been specially tested to achieve the best quality and the most reliable compatibility, and ensure to give you the same results as the originals! Buy 4 packs of our toner, and you can get a new one as long as you pay another $0.01! That way, you won’t worry about the next batch of print tasks, and our laser toner ensures that you’ll be able to output your desired results in any case. You’ll save $13.98 or more as long as you participate in the purchase of these two products.

  • The discount of HP CE285A Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

5 Pack ce285a toner

( CE285A Code:V4HOT285 )


  • The discount of HP CE283A Toner Cartridges (4 Pack+1Pack):

ce283a toner

( CE283A Code:V4HOT283 )


Of course, we provide you the other packs toner for buying if you don’t need to too much packs toner. Please refer to the table as following to get more details on our other pack toner cartridges.


Go ahead for picking out these practical and superior laser toners! Directly click to enter our activity page to enjoy the most money-saving New Year celebration activity! Buy more, save more, and enjoy more surprises in printing process!

V4ink Christmas Carnival: The Amazing Christmas Gifts We Have Ready Prepared for You!

As the last carnival festival of the 2017 year, the most popular Christmas must what you look forward to. And are you eager to receive the gifts from your friends or your family? Oh, what’s the most importantly is whether you decide to prepare the nice Christmas cards with bright handwriting contains you blessing for both your friends and family? And all these V4ink have prepared good for you advance to let you highly enjoy the coming Christmas! The activity time lasts from 2017.12.7 to 2017.12.31, thus you have sufficient time to prepare your gifts for the coming Christmas.

v4ink's Christmas Coupon

There are three bright spots in this big activity for you to add more fun. At the same time to thank you for your supports for our brand consumables. We will let you keep enjoy the best result with lowest prices. This activity is what we carefully prepared for your Christmas, hopefully you will love it and always keep supporting our brand printing consumables.

1. Ranking will directly determine the benefits you can get in this event

The rankings will depend on your purchase at V4ink during the event. The more you buy, the higher your ranking, and the more benefits you will get from our official website.

    • During the event, you will receive a 15% discount on your registration as a member or login to your account.v4ink 15% coupon


    • During the event, You will receive a 17% discount (valid for one year) when you purchase more than twice.v4ink 17% code


    • During the event, Purchases more than three times, you not only get a 17% discount, but also get a luck square for 100% winning.v4ink coupon


  • During the event, Purchase more than four times, in addition to get 17% discount, each additional order will increase 1 additional lucky square opportunities for 100% winning.v4ink lucky square

Tips: During the event, More of your order, more chances of lucky square you can get.

2, Don’t want to be our members just want to participate in activities, no problem, share our activities in social media,  and you will get an extra lucky square!

Sharing the event to social media

If you do not want to be a member, there is no need to purchase toner for the time being, just want to participate in our activities. Then, you can share our Christmas carnival activities with the friends who need them through social media. Is it a good thing to share happiness with your best friends and family on Christmas day? Of course, you can repeatedly share to different social media for more lucky draw opportunities. However, only one draw a day, so the rest of the opportunities can draw the other day.

3.Amazing big prizes for ultimate award!


In addition to get the luck coupon, you have the chance to become our annual lucky boys! Only two people can become our luckiest boys. One is the customer with the largest number of orders in 2017, and the other is who with the largest amount of purchases in 2017! If you are so luckier that become our luckiest person, you will get our $100 cash coupon to afford our superior products!

Are you can’t help coming a prize draw and becoming our luckier person? The last carnival activity for obtaining superior printing with less money than ever before, come to take part in this unforgettable activity!Visit our activity page,  and get the biggest discounts and enjoy a different Christmas celebration. Take action now to purchase your favorite print consumables!

UP To 54% OFF-V4ink’s Lowest Price of The Year for The Arriving Black Friday

Big black Friday promotional activities will be held in Nov.24- 25.2017 in V4ink. Do you get ready t for a crazy shopping?

v4ink's Black Friday couponIt’s know to all that black Friday is the most anticipated day for most people, because in this day you have the chances to get your coveted things for lowest prices. Certainly in order to make you better enjoy the marvelous print results to in Christmas cards or experiences the fluent printing speed, we have prepare the appealing coupons for you to make this shopping more meaningful and economical.

Providing the best compatible printer supplies for you and get your recognitions is our honors. Your supports and approval is our motivation to move forward. Are you relieved after using our best toner? To let you continue enjoying our superior products quality with more affordable price. Just in these two days, you will get our free coupons for batch purchasing!

Here the lists of the corresponding coupons numbers. And it takes effect immediately as long as you place an order!

  • V4ink black Friday orders over $60-save $5


  • V4ink black Friday orders over$110- save $10    (V4F10B5T)
  • V4ink black Friday orders over$300- save $50      (V4BF50CO)

Noted: in addition to brother tn450/tn420 and brother tn660/tn630 toner, the above coupons can be suitable for all V4ink products. These two products are joining our spike activity, which means you can buy them with the historic lower prices. Don’t underestimate our spike-price products. Look at how buyers review our top toners:

  1. The seckill price of 2 pack-Brother TN450/TN420 compatible toner cartridges: $13.99


(This is a 5-stars review about V4ink tn450/tn420 on amazon)

I must say I have been using generic refills for all my printers over the last 15 years and it has always been hit and miss. My wife insists on OEM refills but i refuse. Most of the time there are issues. I bought the same refilled TN 450 from another supplier and had to take it out in the first 2 prints, total piece of crap. Then put this one in and it is as good as OEM guaranteed. This was a brand new Brother Printer / fax machine and I am happy to say it has been flawless. I bought a total of three replacements and have only used the one so far with no issues. I have the seller saved and will always get my replacements from him. Great product will always get my replacements from him.

  1. The seckill price of 2 pack-Brother TN630/TN660 compatible toner cartridges: $14.59


(This review from a faithful buyer who strict request for printing)

I have several Laser printers that require constant need for toner, and after spending tons of money purchasing OEM Toner we finally found V4Ink! What a great product and company. The replacement toner and drum units we get last longer than the OEM product. We have had no issues with this toner, the product slips in just like factory and provides us with a 40% savings over name brand. They provide fast shipping via Amazon or even their own site. We will continue to purchase and recommend to all those that need replacement toners to use their products.

Have you had crush on our spike products? Focus on our official website and get the latest news from it. Getting the tempting coupons, enjoy the smooth and perfect print results in black Friday, our v4ink are committing to offering the most reliable printer consumables with attractive prices for you! Have fun in black Friday!

V4INK Black Friday activity entrance