How many pages can I print per cartridge using an HP Laser printer?

Today, I receive a questions in the which ask How many pages can I print per cartridge using an HP Laser printer? I think this is a topic worth sharing with you.

As a long-term laser printer user, you will know that different printers use different toner cartridges, so the page yield of different toner cartridges will naturally be different. But not all printer users understand this point, especially those who have just touched the laser printer, may think that the toner cartridge used by the printer has a fixed amount of printing. Today, V4ink is here to discuss this topic with you.

Is the page yield of toner cartridge the same?

Obviously no! Different toner cartridge have different page yield, even they are both compatible with the same printer equipment, but the page yield of them may have some difference.
For example, the HP CF410A and CF410X, which compatible with the same printer equipment but have different page yield.

HP CF410A(K), which page yield is 2,300 pages per cartridge(Showing on the following picture).

HP CF410X(K), which page yield is 6,500 pages per cartridge(Showing on the following picture). The page yield of the CF410X is double of the CF410A.

Because the HP CF410A is low yield which suitable for users who with small print volumes and the HP CF410X is high yield which suitable for users who with high print volumes. That’s why they have such difference.

Will the number of pages I actually print be the same as the pages yield display on the web page?

Not always! The page yield on the web page is only a reference value. How many pages you actually print depends on how much coverage you print. The page yield displayed on the web page is the national standard of 5% coverage (Letter/A4).

If your average print coverage per page exceeds the 5% coverage standard, the actual number of pages you print will be lower than the page yield displayed on the web page. If your average print coverage per page is less than the 5% coverage standard, then the actual number of pages you print may be higher than the page yield displayed on the web page.

What does the 5% Page Coverage Actual Means?

As a seller, one of the most common questions of the customer is that “why your toner cartridge printing volume is not up to the page yield shown on your web page?” Many people may not know that the number of printed pages of toner cartridges depends on the amount of coverage they print. Some people don’t realize that there is a prerequisite for the number of printed pages on our pages – that is 5% page coverage. Many people don’t know what the “5% page coverage”. They only think that the products they purchase from my website do not meet the standards the web page display.

As a seller, it makes me really worried, but it is difficult to explain to customers. So I write this article to let the all of you in need read, can save time to explain over and over again, can make a cup of coffee, enjoy life.

What does the printer’s “5% page coverage” mean?
5% page coverage is the coverage of international standard printed test pages, that is, an A4 paper is divided into 20 parts on average, one of which is covered with 5% coverage. Just like the following picture:

More specifically, “Coverage” refers to the percentage of the area covered by ink relative to the area of the whole sheet of paper when printing. Therefore, 5% page coverage refers to the area covered by ink after printing, but does not mean how many words or pictures can be printed. At present, the standard of 5% page coverage (black) and 15% coverage (red/yellow/blue) are widely used in the industry as the preconditions for printing sheets of black and color cartridges, respectively.

Let’s look at the following example:

The above picture shows that what is the 5% page coverage. It is usually determined by the density, size, height and font of your input text. If you add charts, it will usually exceeds 5% page coverage.

Besides, if you use the hp 410a toner cartridges print only black and white Word documents and emails, you are more likely to be close to the 2,300 page than other people who use the same cartridge but print a large number of color documents (including images or shadow blocks) every day.

So, there is no way to ensure that we print at 5% coverage per page, which may lead to the number of pages that we end up printing deviating from the standard number displayed on the web page. So if your tone cartridge doesn’t reach the number you expect to print, it’s not necessarily a problem with the toner cartridge. It may also be that you print more than 5% coverage per page. If you print a large number of pictures and charts over a long period of time, the number of pages you print may still be less than half the standard. If you recognize this point, you will not think this is a big problem. If you want to save more money on toner cartridges, I suggest you buy high quality compatible toner cartridges, you can save 1/3 of the money compare to the original.

Finally, I hope you can apply what you have learned and share it with your friends so that more people can benefit from it.

How to distinguish a toner cartridge is good or bad?

Nowadays, with the increasing reform of laser printing technology, the price of expensive laser printers has gradually become cheaper and cheaper. Because laser printers do not have a series of shortcomings such as easy plugging and slow printing speed of inkjet printers, more and more families and units adopt laser printers. Canon, HP and Lenovo have launched desktop laser printers, which further enhance the popularity of laser printers.

When it comes to laser printers, it is essential to mention the key consumables of laser printers – toner cartridges. As we all know, compared with inkjet printer cartridge and continuous supply, the development ability of laser printer comes entirely from toner cartridges. It can be said that the quality of the toner cartridge directly restricts the printing effect. Therefore, buying a high-quality toner cartridge for your printer not only plays an important role in protecting the printer and prolonging the printer’s life, but also ensures the accurate development and clarity of printed documents.

So how can it be regarded as a good toner cartridge? What qualifications should a qualified toner cartridge meet?

Compared with the high “price” of the original consumables, the general consumables launched by many domestic manufacturers appear to be cheaper. It only needs less than one fifth of the cost of original consumables, but it can achieve printing effect no less than that of original consumables. Who would refuse this cheap and good thing?

However, because of the low threshold of printing consumables industry, the laser consumables products on the market are also mixed. Even if it’s a general consumable for the same printer, the cheap toner cartridge on the Internet costs less than $10, even hundreds of over $300. Why is the price so different for the same printer? How to distinguish the good and bad of toner cartridge when choosing and purchasing?

Good cartridge VS bad cartridge
1. Does the toner cartridge use high-quality plastic part.
Generally speaking, quality toner cartridge mostly chooses all new materials, each plastic part is purchased from the regular channel, which ensures environmental protection and quality. So the price is naturally high. V4ink compatible toner cartridge(e.g hp 305a) which use high-quality plastic part and through the professional technology, the parts inside the toner cartridge are combined together, and the integrated structure can effectively avoid the leakage of toner.
It can be said that high quality cartridge won’t be deformed because of high temperature deformation and good combination with machine. However, most of the inferior rubber parts are made of recycled materials or inferior raw materials, which are fragile, inelastic and sometimes noisy, seriously affecting the service life of printers.

2. Does the manufacturer have chip development capability.
Many people do not know why compatible consumables can be identified by original printers. In fact, the secret lies in the small IC chip compatible with consumables. Good chips, because of their precise machine recognition and high error correction rate, basically print experience will not be much different from the original consumables. And poor quality chips can cause a lot of trouble, not only printer frequent error, but also may cause a variety of printing problems. Therefore, the chip is also an important difference between big manufacturers and small manufacturers.

3. The quality of drum core is good or bad.
The drum core of toner cartridge is the most important photosensitive part of toner cartridge. High quality toner cartridge can bring good printing effect, especially at the printing level. However, the low-quality toner cartridge has a short life because of its low-cost drum core. Maybe you don’t realize the difference when you start printing, but after hundreds of pages of printing, it often happens that there are deep and shallow prints, and the sharpness of the prints decreases seriously. The high-quality toner cartridge will not have this problem at all, only when the carbon powder is nearly exhausted will the printing blackness decrease.

4. Carbon powder used in drum core
High quality carbon powder particles are uniform, low melting point and firm fixation. Generally speaking, high-quality toner cartridge are made of carbon powder from imported raw materials, which can ensure the stability and clarity of printing. More importantly, they are environmentally friendly and healthy, and contain no harmful substances except carbon black. The biggest problem of inferior carbon powder is that its composition is complex and contains harmful ingredients to a certain extent. Long-term use will inevitably have an impact on health.

A Good Toner Cartridges May Like a Good Husband Who Give You Happiness

Choosing what kind of man to be a husband may lead you to the life you want to live in the future. Choosing a spouse is directly related to your happiness. From ancient times to the present, it is not easy to choose a husband, so we have to work harder. A good husband may not be a good person, and a good person may not be a good husband. You may observe his attitude, family relationship, personality and so on before get married.

Actually, having A good toner cartridges may like a good husband who give you happiness.

V4ink’s product equipped with the features below:

  • Durable Quality for Excellent Imaging
  • Unexpected Compatibilityfor Your Printer
  • Unbeatable Services from Professional Team
  • Eco-friendly Design to Save the Earth

They offer a 100% quality satisfaction guarantee on our compatible toner cartridge, which can be installed and replaced easily, with the standards of quality, stability and paper yields that exceed the standards of the others. Highly recommend by over 5000+ customers. The products of v4ink are designed with less waste rate. Providing the toner with low waste rate and stable blackness are our pursuit. Using v4ink’s toner cartridge can not only enjoy a printing smoothly experience but also be kind to the environment.

Inferior Toner May Endanger lives

The hazards of automobile exhaust are well known, but little is known about the harm of printer toner to the human body. With the increasing popularity of printers in home and business offices, we should consider the “green” factor when purchasing related products. In general, the toner used in laser printers can be made non-toxic and harmless if it is produced under standard sealed conditions. However, various bulk toners currently on the market are difficult to meet such industrial-grade requirements due to factors such as production technology.

So what is the essential features that an excellent toner cartridge needs?

*clear Imaging

*Good Wearability


*Endure high and low Temperature

v4ink’s toner cartridge are eco-friendly, with the strict wearability. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of printers, bulk toner has become a “hidden killer” for office white-collar workers. The main component of the toner is not carbon, and most of it is composed of resin and carbon black, charge agent, magnetic powder and the like. The toner melts into the paper fibers at a high temperature, and the resin is oxidized into a gas with an irritating odor. This is what everyone calls ‘ozone’. This kind of gas is not good for the human body itself, it will cause irritation to the human mucous membranes, and it is easy to increase the incidence of asthma or nasal allergies, and even dizziness and vomiting. But the products like hp 202x toner cartridge are extremely eco-friendly, which was produced by strict process. For your safety, please choose compatible toner cartridge from high standard.

7 Tips for Using HP Toner Cartridges

No matter what type of printer in the use of the process will have a certain degree of loss, let alone the toner cartridge itself is consumable, so in the use of HP toner cartridge, should also pay attention to the relevant matters. In order to ensure the normal operation of the HP toner cartridge you purchased, V4ink provide the following suggestions for your reference:

The most important of these is that laser printers, like computers, are best placed in a clean environment to achieve the best printing effect and reduce the impact of dust in the air on printers and consumables. Please put the toner cartridge into the corresponding laser printer in the right direction. Do not open the selenium drum shade and touch the surface of the drum. Do not turn the moving light drum. Here are other considerations:

1.It is forbidden to use or store HP toner cartridge in high temperature, high humidity and cold environment to avoid long-term exposure to strong light.

2.HP toner cartridge should not tear the black packaging bag when not in use, and should not open the cover plate of the photosensitive toner casually so as to avoid the damage of the drum core caused by scratch or strong light. Although there is no packaging bag in the new consumables, do not open the packaging to expose the photosensitive cartridge.

3.Don’t touch the toner cartridge core or rotate the drum core by hand. When the cartridge core rotates, pay attention to the direction. If the rotation direction is not correct, it will damage the parts and cause powder leakage or print stains.

4.Don’t tear the seal before HP toner cartridge is used. Otherwise, the toner will be easily damped and caked, resulting in light printing color.

5.When replacing HP toner cartridge, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth to clean the remaining ink or paper scraps in the printer. Do not blow directly with your mouth to avoid carbon powder inhalation or flow into the printer.

6.HP toner cartridge(e.g HP 201X) should shake the handle horizontally 4-5 times before it comes on the new machine, so that the toner is loose and evenly distributed, and then pull out the sealing strip, which is conducive to printing uniform color, and the new consumables on the new line can be used directly without shaking.

7. When choosing to print paper, do not use wrinkle, uneven incision or too thick, too hard and other printing media, otherwise it will affect the quality of printing and shorten the life of the photosensitive drum.

All You Need is Compatible Toner Cartridge

I believe that many people have heard of, including computers, mobile phones, many have compatible consumables, for the copier there are compatible consumables, for the copier compatible consumables, praise and criticism vary, the evaluation of all parties are also different.

For customers who buy photocopiers, it is too expensive to buy the original consumables. Nowadays, the price of the original consumables from the regular original manufacturers is very expensive. Many customers can not afford to use them. But if compatible consumables are used, the so-called compatible consumables will not be compatible with their machines at all, which will do harm to the machines. Definitely, when using the original consumables nothing, use compatible consumables will always be broken, their own machine is always repaired, not a few days on the bad, who is distressed.

For the original consumables manufacturer: compatible consumables is to seize the market, the market now a lot of compatible consumables, second-hand consumables, which for the original consumables market must have caused a shock, and because the price of compatible consumables is cheap, many customers will choose compatible consumables, even if it is not easy to use, but cheap. Many customers will choose compatible consumables in order to save money, and the original consumables manufacturer’s business will naturally be poor.

For the customers who rent the copier, they will definitely choose the original consumables first, because the rental price in this province is much cheaper than the purchase price. Even if the renter chooses the original consumables price higher than the use of compatible consumables price, but also not higher than the purchase, so as far as possible will not choose compatible consumables. Leaseholder.

For a copying machine tenant, the choice of original consumables is certainly good for his machine, and although the choice of original consumables will be a little more expensive, but the damage to the machine will be greatly reduced, reducing the number of maintenance, saving a lot of labor costs, most of the tenants will still use domestic consumables on some machines. Because the rental price is low, the use of original consumables will result in loss, so will choose domestic consumables, reduce the cost of enterprises.

The Most Cost-Effective Toner Cartridge Store of 2018

As we all know, V4ink is one of the most popular compatible toner cartridge brand in the North America. But recently, It has added a new title of the most cost-effective toner cartridge store of 2018.

We spent 8 months compared V4ink, LD Products, E-Z INK, LINKYO and other compatible ink and toner official websites through product line, product price, activity discount strength and so on. Through comprehensive data, we found that V4ink is the most cost-effective toner cartridge store of 2018.

From the product line
V4ink always takes the lead in new product launches. For example, CF380X, CF230A/X, CF500A/X, TN760 compatible toner cartridge are the first ones in V4ink. Although V4ink does not have a more comprehensive and diversified product line like LD Products and LINKYO, V4ink is more focused on the sales of print toner. It even sells only a small amount of ink cartridge, and focuses on developing the product line of the toner cartridge. Therefore, compared with other compatible cartridge brand, V4ink’s product line of the toner cartridge is very complete. If you want to find a toner cartridge, then V4ink will not let you down.

From the product price
V4ink the prices of all products are basically very low. This is based on its own manufacturer, which can strictly control the cost and quality of products. You will find if you place your order on V4ink official website it’s free shipping storewide, which is different from other compatible brands. The only drawback is that V4ink’s logistics will be slightly slower than other competitors. It usually takes three to seven days to ship, and if you’re not particularly anxious to get the product, V4ink is definitely the most cost-effective.

From the perspective of activities and discounts
In order to maintain freshness and increase user activity, it is not difficult to find that V4ink has large monthly activities and small weekly activities, and the discount intensity varies with the activity. Of course, how to make users fully experience activities and not allow too many activities to disturb users? V4ink will combine website banner and EDM to push activities to customers. In terms of discount intensity, there are 10% OFF DEALS activities every month, as well as special festivals such as the new version of 20% OFF activities to the latest back-to-school season and Labor Day activities. Their discount intensity is also huge compared with other competitors.

What are the Advantages of Compatible Toner Cartridge?

What are the advantages of compatible toner cartridge? I guess it’s the difficult questions for the customer. The advantage of compatible product is low cost, which is the biggest temptation for users to choose to use it. How much is a 100g bulk powder? Also about 20 yuan, a brand compatible with the toner drum? About 80-200 yuan (this is the average price, maybe higher), so these correspondences can be printed about 1600 pages, compared with the original cost of consumables, natural good.

“Cheap is not good, good is not cheap.” This is not always true, but in most cases, it does exist as truth. The biggest advantage of compatible cartridge is low cost, but this is limited to printing costs, not use costs, and other. The most common form of market existence for compatible cartridgeis powder filling. This act of completely squeezing the physical life of the printing drum is actually a joke with the printer itself and our own bodies. If powder filling is involved, it is accompanied by the possibility of powder leakage.

Some users are faced with warning issues after they’re replacing in a compatible cartridge. The printer is designed to warn that you’re not using an OEM toner cartridge and it won’t properly function, or even cause damage to your printer. However, this might result from improper installation of the chip in the new cartridge. The machine detects that it has no chip or has badly located chip, which it consider you’re using compatible toner, it will try to stop you from opening the world to cheap toner cartridge world. Even you’re using genuine toner, it just can’t promise you the best printing performance each time. Some compatible manufacturers seek for high quality components to product built while others just want to make money. It’s because these mercenary businessmen that discredit the whole industry, consumers couldn’t truly believe compatible laser toner. Anyway, if you still worry about these question, just buy one and try it.

How to choose an ALL-In-One printer(scan, copy, or fax)?

In the race of today’s world some things are becoming very important needs, such as printers and scanners. If you need to scan, copy, or fax in addition to printing, an AIO printer is the way to go.

Printers and scanners are very essential needs for many people. People need these pieces of equipment to do their work easily. For business purposes or to work in the home, people need to buy good printers and scanners. These two are the most basic pieces of equipment for office work. If anyone wants to purchase these two basic pieces of equipment, he or she should take care of some important things before purchasing them. In the past, printers and scanners were available individually and at a high price. These were not affordable for everyone. Now, some companies are offering a combined color laser printer scanner . If you want to buy one of these, you should take care of some important matters. First, make sure that the product you are buying is high quality and has all of the basic features, because some combined printer scanners do not have the  basic features.  Make sure that the product has all of the needed features and fits all of your demands. Many inkjet printer companies have also tried to prove themselves to create scanners that are as good, but they do not work as well as laser scanners do. A laser-based printer scanner can work easily and print or scan very effectively. Through this you can easily print every type of document and also scan every type of other printing you want, such as advertisements, business cards, office stuff, and business documents.

Many companies are offering their combined brands of printers and scanners. Before buying, you have to choose the best option between them. HP, Brother, Konica, Minolta, Dell, A3, and Canon are the most important and high-profile companies that are introducing their printer scanners.

1. Brother MFC-L6800DW. The Brother MFC-L6800DW offers a winning combination of terrific speed, an ample feature set, a good set of connection choices, and the capacity for high-volume printing. Built for massive print volumes. Ample standard and optional paper capacity. USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity. 80-sheet ADF supports two-sided scanning. High rated scan speed. Reasonably low cost per page. Its uses laser Brother TN850 toner cartridges.

2. Canon MP620. Canon has also introduced their MP620 laser-based color printer and scanner.  Its first advantage is that it scans and prints very quickly.  It can scan a large amount of work within a short period of time. It can scan any kind of black or colored document without fading. The quality of scanning and printing is very good.

HP MFP M426fdn LaserJet Pro Mono Printer

3. HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn. The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn is built for today’s businesses and their constant need to change and adapt. The mobile printing allows users to print from a variety of smartphones and tablets. The LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn can keep up with offices that print 750 to 4,000 pages a month. The output speed is rated at 40 copies-per-minute, which ensures files are ready for the next meeting. The paper handling on the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn stems from a single 250-sheet paper drawer, 100-sheet bypass tray, and 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF). Utilize the flatbed scanner to process bound documents and smaller prints that can pass through the document feeder. The LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdn will process all your two sided documents in a single-pass. Its uses laser HP CF226x toner cartridges.

So, if you want to buy any type of printer and scanner combination, you first must take a look at what is best and fits your requirements.