Reduce the Cost of Toner Cartridge is the Key for Enterprises

The function structure of laser printers can be divided into print engine and print controller these two types. Among them are laser scanner, reflection prism, toner cartridge and carbon powder box and so on; the printer controller communicates with the computer through an interface or network. The printing engine will transfer the printed content received to the paper on the printer in the control of the printing controller.

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Printer toner and the engine is the core of laser printer, and toner cartridge is an important component of the laser printer. To a certain extent, the quality, cost, and entire service life are all depend on a laser printer. Users now purchase laser printers not only to ask about the price of the machines, but also highlight the cost of a single page, which is closely related to the toner cartridges. Because nearly 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the toner cartridges, it not only determines the cost of printing a single page, but also has a direct impact on print quality. Toner cartridge belongs to consumable supplies. You need to replace after a period of time, there are a lot of enterprises fill the carbon powder in order to saving the cost of office. Then the toner cartridge will have longer service life, which means that a single page to print cost is lower.

Now the market competition is competitive, the laser printer manufacturer is concerned with the printing quality and the cost of use, and has been seeking technical breakthrough continuously to hope make the toner life longer. Excellent seller and great product. The price is just a fraction compared to brother toner cartridges. I highly recommend using this product. This seller has great customer satisfaction rating and caring.

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BUY V4ink Now -A Good Value For What You Pay

I’ve been a faithful user of Cartridge World for several years. Always a good job. But in the last year I have seen quality deteriorate, and lifetime of reloaded cartridges decrease. Not saying anyone is cutting corners but ….. The last straw was a series of cartridges that when just inserted (Brother laser printer) were faint. Rocked them. Tossed them. CHANGED THE DRUM ($200). Still faint. Cruising Amazon and found two (2) v4ink cartridges for $20. Hey, why not give it a try.

After all, I’d been paying way more PER cartridge from Cartridge World. Arrived today. Did a test print from MS Word before, then the same doc 5 minutes later after inserting the v4ink cartridge. LIKE DAY AND NIGHT.!!! Was faint on all sides. Now crystal clear. Even good enough to see yellow highlighted text on a black & white printout. I’m sold and I’m going to tell everyone I know about this. v4ink—Please maintain product quality. That is the key. We who print need good quality printouts. And I was nearly ready to toss my printer thinking it was the problem.

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I have four daughters who my wife and I home school so we go through a ton of ink and paper. The test that we put this ink through will be sufficient enough for anyone using this in an office environment.

I will continue to provide feedback if anything changes but so far, this has been an excellent experience from purchase to use. I will absolutely purchase these again in the future.


How to save the empty cartridges ?

As we all know, cartridges are an indispensable part of printer. And the cost of cartridges is not cheap for large use of it. So we need make sure each cartridge is used out and not waste. But many people not use the printer so often, so need to save the empty cartridges.

Some users to buy the black jet printer is only used as the output of the photo, but the use of frequency is not high, the machine is often in idle state, if not sealed ink cartridge nozzle, it will dry . Although there are ink cartridges on the market, but not easy to buy, even if there is also sent with the original ink, but cf217a toner cartridge do not. In order to save the toner cartridges, many users began to manually store their own cartridges, the following describes one preservation method is more commonly used users.

Method Preparation: A plastic or aluminum box with a lid (can not use a tin box or carton, because the carton is easy to rot, the iron is easy to rust), the size of the ink cartridge to prevail; some boxes With a high density sponge, it is best not to use ordinary sponge, because the ordinary sponge is too fluffy; double-sided adhesive. Steps: 1, the cartridge put the box to try. Look at the gap left around how much, and then according to the gap to the foam cut into the appropriate size, until the cartridge can be found with their own box filled with empty space on the line. 2, according to the size of the bottom of the box to cut the high density sponge. Size to fit the size of the entire box as the standard or according to the size of the print head cut a high-density sponge down, the size to cover the entire print head and slightly better than well. The foam and high-density sponge after a good glue with them in the box inside, if the high-density sponge is cut according to the size of the print head, but also according to the print head in the box placed in the location of the sponge sticky The 4, in the box on the lid is also stick a piece of foam, the thickness of the cartridge to a little pressure to a little better. This will keep the print head and sponge sealing effect. 5, put the cartridge into the box, and then cover the lid, and then placed in a cool place. In general, this method can be used to open the ink cartridges stored for one year or so. Because the high density sponge will absorb a little ink, so you can keep the print head or ink jet mouth moist, then a long time the print head or ink jet mouth will not dry up. The cartridge cartridge made by this method is suitable for any kind of printer cartridge on the market.

Three Big Laser Printer Maintenance Strategies

Laser printing is becoming one of the most parts in our daily life. With the widely use of laser printing, we can easily get a variety of high-quality printing materials within shorter minutes. At the same time, more and more printing problems are beginning to emerge with the rapid development of laser printers, which brings great troubles to people. In fact, lots of failure of some types are easily excluded, if we don’t know how to handle, sending repair shop is not only spend money also waste more value time. Here we provide you some common troubleshooting methods and ideas for you and hope they are helpful to you.

  • Getting the print content of printing materials is not complete

Don’t be anxious when you have this kind of problems. Firstly we need to check the ”FormFeed (paper out)” indicator on the panel whether it’s on or off. If the light is on, take the printer offline, then press the “FormFeed” button to print the files remaining in the printer buffer. If the printer does not display any information and the data is still unprinted, it’s time for us to check whether there is a problem with the user software. If you find the content of printing material is gradually getting obscure until it is not displayed, it’s time for you to change a new toner cartridges because it have been used up.

  • Printer jammed
  1. The paper quality is one of the reasons cause this problems. If the paper is too thick, wet or the quality is very rough, that will easily cause a printer jammed. Check your paper, if you find the paper is obviously bad, replace some new high quality paper.
  2. Some cartons can only hold a specific volume of paper at a time. If the paper you pack in a paper box exceeds a certain standard, it will hinder the automatic process of taking the paper out of the printer, and then it’s very easy to produce the jam fault.
  3. There is something wrong with the software settings. For example, if we set the A4 paper in the software settings, but there is other size paper rather than A4 paper in the cartons, which can cause paper jam. Make sure your software settings are right before printing according to the user’s manual.
  • The laser printer is still out of work after switching on the power

In this case, we should first confirm whether the powder switch of the printer has been opened, and we also need to check whether the power cork and power supply are abnormal. If there is no abnormality but not the electricity, we suggest to check whether the plugged powder socket is electric and the voltage is normal with the test pen. If these problems are not, then we suggest is to check whether a fuse of the printer has been fusing, if there has the problems of the fuse, here we verify the printer circuit appears problem, which we should have to go to the repair shop.

Three Tips for Identifying Toner and Cartridges

Today we will introduce three tips for identifying toner and cartridges, when you decide to buy ink cartridges, the basic characteristics of the original cartridge, “touch, two look, three observation” is useful for you. So please pay attention to them.

“Touch” is to touch the product packaging. hp 30a cartridge using a unique anti-counterfeiting technology, HP models in any type of ink cartridges behind the lower right corner of the packaging, there will be production and production date of the words (vertical font). Original HP products with the words of hand gently touch will have a sense of bump, and counterfeit products feel smooth after touch. This is one of the most basic ways to identify HP ink cartridges. “Two look” is to look at the surface of the product packaging printing quality. Compared with the fake ink cartridges, HP original ink cartridges products beautifully printed, stripes and packaging characters on the pattern clear and bright, while the main combination of color design instead of the past dark blue. New packaging pattern is more complex, very difficult to fake. And genuine comparison, fake printing to be much better quality. “Three observation” is to observe the ink cartridges on the packaging of anti-counterfeit trademarks of color changes. HP inkjet packaging on the use of a visual security system, without the use of special equipment, the naked eye can identify the authenticity of the cartridge. On the side of the outer side of the cartridge, paste the HP anti-counterfeit label, and the color of the “hp-invent” text will change with the viewing angle. When the front of the direct observation of it, it is blue; and from any other point of view, the logo becomes black. And in the transformation of the time, there are flicker.

Using the above three methods, we can basically to distinguish the original ink cartridges and counterfeit ink cartridges , but not enough. At present, most of the counterfeit ink cartridges are filled with vacant original ink cartridges or refurbished, they are in appearance, print quality and anti-counterfeit trademarks and original ink cartridges exactly the same. This requires the consumer to observe carefully, carefully screened. Filled counterfeit ink cartridges, there will be ink holes in the top of the cartridge, and the original HP ink cartridges are not any ink hole. With the type of true and false ink cartridges ink content is not the same, fake content is small, light weight, hand Dian Dian ink cartridges, weight feeling is very obvious. Fake sellers will generally put the true and false ink cartridges together to sell, to show the difference, usually in the cartridge to make a mark, such as tick or printed with a small round chapter and so on.

Which is better for You, Laser printer or Inkjet Printer?

Laser printers and inkjet printer, which is better? There are many questions and answers on the platform that solving the problems. In fact, the answers are various. In the history of the printer, the laser and inkjet printer appeared in similar time just to solve the requirement of print words. Now the distinction is based on the scene of the application, and different types of printers are selected under different scenarios and you will get multiplier effect.

Office use laser preference

If you choose a printer for your family or small office, the choice is more complicated. Generally speaking, we can do all the mockups on the market, but some people prefer laser printers. I highly recommend the brother MFC-7240 or HL-2240 for you. Both of them are the examples of laser multi-function printing, which they all have the features of printing,copying,scanning, and their volume is fine enough to put in a position that don’t take up your space. This is very suitable for a family or small working. The humanized aspect is that they don’t cost much money. Thinking from the cost angles, you will find that their inner core- brother tn450 cartridge is very suitable for you if you want to find a cost-effective toner cartridge. Compatible brother tn450 cartridge are suited for many types printer such as Brother DCP-7065D,HL-2280DW ,brother MFC-7240 and so on. Now that many print brands companies have launched these miniaturized black and white laser machines to meet user’s desired.

Inkjet printer priority for homework

The requirement of family print job is the main force of the current consumption for color inkjet printing products. As students begin to do their homework from primary school to universities, they are almost ready to be printed to the printing homework. The time is span 12 years, and a reliable inkjet printer with longer usage life is crucial to every student. The Canon image class D420 may suit your needs. It can quickly print your profile as your wish with clear fonts and longer shelf life. Inkjet printing products are updated quickly and may be changed when you need to buy. The products recommended here are cheap consumables with reliable quality, which enough to satisfy the needs of the home printing operation and can even print photos.

Early adopters of inkjet printers for color office

As the development of the evolution of printing technology, commercial printing is now using inkjet printing low-cost features for color output when it reflected in product crossover,performance and stability. Informally, the cost of printing ink is a few cents while color laser printing is even more expensive. Like HP laser Jet 1022, which is office’s ideal partner. The new” commercial inkjet printer” products, ink capacity, fast speed, but the printing costs rise rather than fall. Except for HP type of inkjet printer, Canon series products have commercial inkjet machine and in sales on office, preschool education class, hotel, hall and so on.

In general, the laser printers and inkjet printers can’t be compared, different scenarios have different answers, and the development of printer technology makes crossover and versatility stronger. However, there is a principle that small machines can be bought on the e-commerce site. The big machine is bought by the agent, besides you can talk about the guarantee of after-sales, the agent’s reputation, printers’ ability may be more important than the equipment itself.