How to Solve The Problems When Printers Fail to Print①

Printers can’t print because they are offline. On most printers, beside the OnLine button, there is a small light indicating the online status. Normally, the online indicator should be in a constant state. If the indicator is not light or flicker, it is abnormal. Please check whether the printer power supply is on, whether the printer power switch is on, whether the printer cable is connected correctly, etc.

How to set the printer to the default status.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Click the Windows Start menu, point to Settings, click Printer, and open the Printer window.
  2. right-click the printer icon, the system pops up the quick menu, and click “set as the default value”.

If the Printer window does not have the printer currently in use, double-click the Add Printer icon and install the printer according to the prompt.

What if the printer is in a pause print state, resulting in failure to print. The method is: in the Printer window, right-click on the printer icon in use, and then click to clear the check mark “” before the “pause printing” option.

Best Printer 2018: 5 printers are good for home use

Which is the best home use printer? What kind of home use printer is worth to buy? V4ink bring home use printer recommendations, let’s have a look.

Brother laserjet Multifunction machine DCP-7057 Printer
Brother DCP-7057 black and white laser all-in-one sets the functions of printing, copying and scanning. The size of the product is 405 x 398.5 x 268 mm, the net weight is 9.8 kg, equipped with 250 pages carton, using drum powder separation technology, printing resolution 2400 x 600 dpi, black and white printing speed up to 20 ppm, home page printing time about 10 seconds. The copy time is about 20cpm, and the photocopy time is about 12 seconds.

HP Laserjet Pro M477fdw Multifunction Wireless Color Laser Printer
HP color laser all-in-one M477fdw sets the functions of printing, copying and scanning. By using HP’s 0 second preheating technology, the output time of the home page is shortened to 8.9 seconds for black, and 9.8 seconds for color, and the output speed of the A4 is 28 pages per minute. The effective resolution of 600 x 600 dpi can be achieved. At the same time, M477fdw can also achieve up to 38,400 x 600 enhanced dpi. It is worth noting that, this model use toner cartridge CF410A not CE410A.

Brother Inkjet Printer, MFC-J985DW-XL
MFC-J985DW-XL is a cost-effective black-and-white inkjet printer, very suitable for print volume, faster crowd. The printer prints faster than the HP Office jet, printing 12 black and white files per minute. And, as you expect, this model is absolutely low cost printing – less than one cent per black page and less than five cents per color page.

Canon TS9120 Wireless All-In-One Printer
Canon PIXMATs 9020 is a good choice for people who want to print high quality photos, although it has other features as well. This printer model not only print to connect your computer over a wireless network, but they also support Apple’s AIRPRINT, Google Cloud Printing and more. To be exact, if your goal is primarily to print photos, then PIXMA TS9020 may be your best choice.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw
This printer isn’t the cheapest color laser, but HP’s color laser jet Pro M252dw has several advantages over its competitors in running low costs and supporting double-sided printing.
The printing quality of this printer is excellent. The black text is clear and dense without splashing, and the solid color is bright without any stripes. The color photographs are colorful and vivid. In addition, M252DW looks smart and has a multi-functional wireless connection.

A Good Toner Cartridges May Like a Good Husband Who Give You Happiness

Choosing what kind of man to be a husband may lead you to the life you want to live in the future. Choosing a spouse is directly related to your happiness. From ancient times to the present, it is not easy to choose a husband, so we have to work harder. A good husband may not be a good person, and a good person may not be a good husband. You may observe his attitude, family relationship, personality and so on before get married.

Actually, having A good toner cartridges may like a good husband who give you happiness.

V4ink’s product equipped with the features below:

  • Durable Quality for Excellent Imaging
  • Unexpected Compatibilityfor Your Printer
  • Unbeatable Services from Professional Team
  • Eco-friendly Design to Save the Earth

They offer a 100% quality satisfaction guarantee on our compatible toner cartridge, which can be installed and replaced easily, with the standards of quality, stability and paper yields that exceed the standards of the others. Highly recommend by over 5000+ customers. The products of v4ink are designed with less waste rate. Providing the toner with low waste rate and stable blackness are our pursuit. Using v4ink’s toner cartridge can not only enjoy a printing smoothly experience but also be kind to the environment.

Some Common Sense of Ink & Toner Cartridge

The ink cartridge is a consumable material, need to be replaced frequently, understand the characteristics of the ink cartridge, master the installation method, and make your printer handy. Store the ink cartridge at room temperature, avoid sunlight, store strong light and heat source before the ink cartridge is installed on the machine. Do not tear the outer packaging of the ink cartridge and the air seal. After the ink cartridge is unpacked, please install it to the printer as soon as possible. Go up, otherwise it may cause the ink cartridge to leak or not emit color for the best printing effect. Please use it within six months after installing the ink cartridge.

When the ink finish indicator light starts to flash during the printing process, it means that the ink is about to run out. At this time, several sheets can be continuously printed until the indicator light stops flashing, and the printer stops printing. At this time, the ink cartridge installation ink cartridge should be replaced immediately. Follow the instructions on the printer’s instructions to remove the airtight seal, but do not remove the other seals at will, otherwise the ink will leak every time a new cartridge is installed.

Generally, the print head should be cleaned 3-5 times (please clean the print head at least once).

When any one of the ink cartridges has no ink or is not installed, even if there is ink in other ink cartridges, the printer will not work. Once the new ink cartridge is dropped, cut the ink cartridge before replacing it. Do not remove unless you want to replace the ink cartridge, do not open the cartridge protection clip, otherwise the cartridge may no longer be used. Do not put your hand into the printer or touch the cartridge while the printer is working.

When you use the ink cartridge, please seal the bottom inkjet port with a transparent adhesive tape and seal it with a plastic bag. Give it to the dealer at the place where you purchased it for the manufacturer to check and judge the quality of the cartridge. Do not use ink cartridges that are longer than the expiration date.

What Needs to be Considered when Buying New Printers?

Buying a printer is not like buying clothes. You need to think about it in advance. Because printers are relatively expensive, they need to use a lot of consumables later on, which is a lot of money, so before you find a really suitable printer, you have to consider these things:

Printing frequency: high or low? Inkjet printers cost a lot of printing every time. But laser is much cheaper. If you plan to do a lot of printing, in the long run, laser printers are worth investing. In addition to cost, laser printers are faster, and inkjet printers will need more time to print.

Black-and-white or color: If you typed mostly black text on a white background, black-and-white printers would be more affordable. And if you need to print a lot of color pictures or charts, you need to know when choosing a color printer. Usually, color inkjet printers are inexpensive. Color laser is expensive.

Price Range: Inkjet printer front end is significantly cheaper (that is the price of the printer), but back end (that is printing ink) is significantly expensive… The cost per page is much higher than that of laser printers. You must weigh the initial cost and maintenance cost, and the cost per print to see which is more suitable for you.

Print Volume: Print volumes usually depend on the number of printed pages used to toner cartridge, but this should also be taken into account when choosing a printer model. For example, how many A4 sheets you need to print a month will depend on what type of print consumables you need to buy in the future, and the choice of printer cartridge is an important factor in considering cost.

Printing quality: Both inkjet and laser printers have high-quality printing models, but I find that laser printers are generally only slightly better. And you can use laser to print photo.
Household or company use:

Just printing or still needs more: multifunctional laser printers have other functions that inkjet printers don’t have. They can work as fax machines, connect to the network via WiFi, store print jobs, work as copiers, work as scanners (to computers, emails, even faxes), work as fax machines, zoom in / out, even duplex (copy / scan both sides of the page), and so on. A machine does all this. Therefore, the laser printer is better on the choice of multi-function printer.

Usage scenario: is it in the office or at home? If it’s for home use, I would recommend buying a WiFi multifunctional laser printer so that everyone in the family can connect to and use the printer. If you are in the office, you can choose a versatile color laser printer(e.g Hp Color LaserJet Pro M452nw). The page yield of its compatible toner cartridge cf410a is 2,300 and only cost $25.99. Because of the large amount of office printing, the price of single page printing will be relatively low, less home printing, so the price of single page printing will be relatively high.

Choice of print consumables: Choosing an inkjet or laser printer determines whether you need to buy cartridges or drums in the future, and whether to buy compatible or original. There are many products that are compatible with brand names and are of the same quality as the original ones.

What are the Factors Causing the Huge Price Difference of Printers?

Printer is one of the output devices of computer, which is used to print the results of computer processing on related media. V4ink tell us: There are three indicators of printer quality: print resolution, printing speed and noise. There are many types of printers, according to whether the printing elements of the paper hitting action, hitting printers and non-hitting printers. According to the structure of printed characters, it is divided into holomorphic printer and dot matrix character printer. According to the way a line of paper is formed on paper, it is divided into serial printer and line printer. According to the adopted technology, it is divided into cylindrical, spherical, inkjet, heat-sensitive, laser, electrostatic, magnetic, light-emitting diode and other printers.

The price difference between printers
Inkjet printers usually cost $50 – $100.
The price of laser printers is around $150.
The price of pin printer is $200 – $400.
Color laser printers ranged from $200 – $1000.

Why there are such huge price difference between printers and what’s the factors cause this difference?

1.The use of printers
For example, Hp Color LaserJet Pro M452dw Printer and HP M476dw Wireless Color Laser Multifunction Printer are both color laser printer. But the former only cost $130.01 on Amazon, the latter cost $1,848.00 on Amazon. They are also the same brands for laser printers. Why are there such big price differentials? The major different between this two printer model is their own purposes. The M452dw can only print. But the M476dw not only can print, but also fax, scan and copy. In addition, we will found their also have different of their compatible toner. M542dw use CF410A/X, which at less $25.99 per cartridge and the M452dw use CF380X, which only cost $17.99 per cartridge. We’ll find that also the M542dw printers are more expensive, but their used toner cartridge are usually cheaper, they are more economical in the long run.

2.Resolving power
Resolution is an important technical index to measure the quality of printers. Printer resolution generally refers to the maximum resolution, the greater the resolution, the better the quality of printing. Because resolution has an important impact on output quality, printers usually measure their grades by resolution. The unit of calculation is DPI (Dot Per lnch), which means the number of dots printed per inch. For example, the resolution of a printer is 600DPI, which means that it prints 600 dots per inch. The higher the DPI value, the more refined and realistic the print output, and of course the longer the output time, the more expensive the price.
General needle printer resolution is 180 DPI, high up to 360 DPI; inkjet printer for 720 DPI, slightly higher for 1440 DPI, recently introduced inkjet printer resolution of 2880 DPI; laser printer for 300 DPI, 600 DPI, high for 1200 DPI, or even 2400 DPI. Dye sublimation heat transfer printer has a resolution of 1800DPI. That’s why printers have such big price differentials.

How to choose a suitable printer equipment?
1.Follow your print requirements.
2.Purchase according to your print quantity.
3.Follow your requirements for printing effect.

5 Key Points for Choosing Laser Printers

For most users, choosing a printer depends mainly on the performance, price and after-sales service of the product. What other key points should be considered? V4ink tells you that before choosing a printer, you need to know the following five key points.

1.Print quality
Printing quality is also often referred to as the printing effect, the quality of printing effect is one of the most basic and important factors of color printing. When color laser printers print color images, the distribution of color should be accurate and reasonable, and the ink dots printed out should be smaller. The color saturation and gorgeous degree of the image sample sheet should be relatively high, and the fine degree of the ink dots in the image should also be very good.

2.Print speed and print resolution
Printing speed refers to the number of pages that can be printed per minute by the printer (referring to the maximum paper allowed to be used by the printer) in ppm. Printing speed is another important parameter to inspect color laser printer. Manufacturers of all brands are spared no effort in speeding up printers, and need careful comparison when purchasing. At present, the black-and-white printing speed of household products on the market is about 20 pages per minute, and the color printing speed is about 5 pages per minute.

If SMEs and SOHO users choose laser printers, they may wish to pay attention to the next home page output time parameters. Home page output time can be said to be set specifically for SMEs and SOHO users, many users daily printing is usually one or two pages, so home page output time is an important indicator to measure the speed of output.

Printing resolution is one of the important technical indicators of color laser printers. That is, how many dots are printed per inch, the unit is DPI. Its value is directly related to the quality of the output image and text of the printer. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution is, the better the print quality will be. At present, most of the household products on the market have adopted 600 dpi, through “fine ink dot control technology” and “resolution enhancement technology” can improve the print resolution to 2400 dpi, we should have 600 DPI and above resolution as one of the basic conditions for selection.

“Good quality and low price” is the golden rule of purchasing. Price plays an important role in promoting the sale of goods. Whether purchasing a laser printer or an inkjet printer, the purchase price is a reference factor. Although “one price for each item”, for the vast majority of people, the price often determines the consumer’s desire to buy. In the past, unreachable color laser printers began to go down and enter more families. Color laser printers on the market range in price from less than $100 to over $1,000, and can be flexibly selected according to their own actual situation.

4.After-sale service
Printer is a kind of consumptive hardware equipment. It will inevitably cause some problems when it is used for a long time, such as mechanical failure, and so on. The general household users do not have the ability to repair themselves. Therefore, good after-sales service and technical support for us is very important, such as: replacement, only replacement, and so on. The average laser printer dealer promises free repairs for a year.

5.Printing cost
Household color laser printers are less than $200, although the price is not superior to inkjet printers, but color laser printers are cheaper to use than inkjet printers. In terms of usage cost, although the price of toner cartridge is very high, color laser printers are still cheaper than inkjet printers in printing color documents. For example, the Hp CF410X high yield toner cartridge’s page yield is 6500 pages of 5% coverage(Letter/A4) which is less than $0.01 per page. Therefore, when choosing color laser printer, we should know the price and quantity of consumables for each brand and model in detail, calculate the cost of printing, so as to know in mind.

Inferior Toner May Endanger lives

The hazards of automobile exhaust are well known, but little is known about the harm of printer toner to the human body. With the increasing popularity of printers in home and business offices, we should consider the “green” factor when purchasing related products. In general, the toner used in laser printers can be made non-toxic and harmless if it is produced under standard sealed conditions. However, various bulk toners currently on the market are difficult to meet such industrial-grade requirements due to factors such as production technology.

So what is the essential features that an excellent toner cartridge needs?

*clear Imaging

*Good Wearability


*Endure high and low Temperature

v4ink’s toner cartridge are eco-friendly, with the strict wearability. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of printers, bulk toner has become a “hidden killer” for office white-collar workers. The main component of the toner is not carbon, and most of it is composed of resin and carbon black, charge agent, magnetic powder and the like. The toner melts into the paper fibers at a high temperature, and the resin is oxidized into a gas with an irritating odor. This is what everyone calls ‘ozone’. This kind of gas is not good for the human body itself, it will cause irritation to the human mucous membranes, and it is easy to increase the incidence of asthma or nasal allergies, and even dizziness and vomiting. But the products like hp 202x toner cartridge are extremely eco-friendly, which was produced by strict process. For your safety, please choose compatible toner cartridge from high standard.

How many types of HP printers 2018

Speaking of printers, most people are probably familiar with them. As an indispensable part of daily work, many people use them almost every day. However, the printer is also a relatively sophisticated instrument, its quality directly determines the printing effect of working documents, so many office purchasers for the choice of printer is very headache. In the current printer market, HP is well known for its printers, and they offer several different types of laser printers. Laser printers use a toner cartridge and laser to fuse the toner on to the paper, printing the words and images.


1. Black Laser Printers
If you don’t have a great deal of color printing, you can save money by using black and white laser printers instead of color. These HP laser printers do not cost as much to start with compared to a similar color printer. You also only have to purchase black toner, instead of adding on the extra cost of color toner. As of the time of publication, HP black and white color printers have a speed of up to 40 PPM, although the specific speed varies based on which of the printers you end up purchasing for your business. The popular printer is HP LaserJet Pro P1100 P1102 P1102Wand uses the HP CE285A 85A Toner Cartridge.

2. Color Laser Printers
Color laser printers give you the option to print out full-color materials. While the cost is higher than a standard black and white laser printer from HP, you can save money by keeping all of your printing in-house. If you’ve been using print shops or design firms for your marketing collateral, you’ll see cost savings right away. Printing is color is somewhat slower than printing in simple black and white. The current top speed from HP color laser printers is 40 PPM, which matches the highest black and white printing speed, but most of the HP laser printers are below this number. The popular printer is HP Color LaserJet Pro M277dw, HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277c6, HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw, HP Color LaserJet Pro M252n.

3. Multifunction Laser Printers
Multifunction laser printers provide you with a scanner, printer and copier all in one machine. While these are the most expensive of the three types of HP laser printers offered, you do save money by consolidating all of these functions into one device. Another benefit for your business is the amount of space that you save when you don’t need to make room for three separate devices. The popular printer is LaserJet Pro  LaserJet Pro MFP M426fdw and uses the HP CF226A 26A Toner Cartridge.


All You Need is Compatible Toner Cartridge

I believe that many people have heard of, including computers, mobile phones, many have compatible consumables, for the copier there are compatible consumables, for the copier compatible consumables, praise and criticism vary, the evaluation of all parties are also different.

For customers who buy photocopiers, it is too expensive to buy the original consumables. Nowadays, the price of the original consumables from the regular original manufacturers is very expensive. Many customers can not afford to use them. But if compatible consumables are used, the so-called compatible consumables will not be compatible with their machines at all, which will do harm to the machines. Definitely, when using the original consumables nothing, use compatible consumables will always be broken, their own machine is always repaired, not a few days on the bad, who is distressed.

For the original consumables manufacturer: compatible consumables is to seize the market, the market now a lot of compatible consumables, second-hand consumables, which for the original consumables market must have caused a shock, and because the price of compatible consumables is cheap, many customers will choose compatible consumables, even if it is not easy to use, but cheap. Many customers will choose compatible consumables in order to save money, and the original consumables manufacturer’s business will naturally be poor.

For the customers who rent the copier, they will definitely choose the original consumables first, because the rental price in this province is much cheaper than the purchase price. Even if the renter chooses the original consumables price higher than the use of compatible consumables price, but also not higher than the purchase, so as far as possible will not choose compatible consumables. Leaseholder.

For a copying machine tenant, the choice of original consumables is certainly good for his machine, and although the choice of original consumables will be a little more expensive, but the damage to the machine will be greatly reduced, reducing the number of maintenance, saving a lot of labor costs, most of the tenants will still use domestic consumables on some machines. Because the rental price is low, the use of original consumables will result in loss, so will choose domestic consumables, reduce the cost of enterprises.